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Where are the spark plugs located on a 1998 Kia Sportage and how do you replace them?


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2005-02-02 22:06:17
2005-02-02 22:06:17

Open the hood when your car *hasn't* just been running (cold engine stops you burning your fingers). Open the hood. Coming from the the motor there are four fat (biro thick) wires going to a round plastic thingy with a fifth similar wire on it. At the engine end of these wires there is a fatter part. Grip each one there, *not* the wire itself and pull it straight off. Don't wiggle or bend them. The spark plug is underneath. Easy job but good idea to do it with someone else who's done it before the first time (so you can blame them if they stuff it up!) After that, you'll know how forever. Cheers


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remove the intake pieces over the valve cover .the plugs are under the black cover

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Easy fix, remove the spark plugs dry everything off. Then go to autozone and get a new valve cover gasket and replace it. This will solve the problem. By the way replace the 4 spark plugs at this time save you having to do it at some other time.

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if you have 2.4l dohv engine, remove the intake tube ,then there is a rectangle black cover with 4 bolts,take that off and you will see spark plugs under it with deep shafts to the plugs.

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