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Where are the timing marks on a 1989 Toyota Tercel so that the ignition timing can be adjusted at the distributor?


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2011-09-14 10:54:50
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There typically isn't any timing marks at the distributor. It is possible to slightly advance or retard the ignition (spark) timing by rotating the distrubitor but as far as timing marks go, the only that you will find will be right above the camshaft sprocket and the harmonic balancer (crankshaft pully). possible one more for the oil pump or countershaft.


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It's inside the distributor cap. Remove distributor cap, remove two 8mm nuts and four small Phillips head bolts. Slide coil up out of distributor.

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Toyota Camry 97 uses electronic ignition system, and does not have distributor.

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Toyota Tercel was created in 1978.

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