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Where are the timing marks on a 30 liter v6?

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September 14, 2011 10:54AM

There are three timing marks for the 3.0liter V6 Mazda engine found in the MPV. One is on the crankshaft sprocket and the other two are on the cam sprockets.

1. Remove the uper Idler pulley remove the belt now ease the tensioner out loccated at the left lower corner under the tensioner pulley. 2. Be very careful with this is an expensive item $189.89 at Mazda. Take the unit (tensioner to a vise, using the vice while making sure the unit is straight tighten the vice slowly allowing the tension to slowly sink with in its self. See the small hole once th e unit is withing its self using a small Allen wrench insert it int eht hole, making sure it passed completely thru the plunger. 3. Now reinstall the plunger. Make sure when you do the tensioner pulley is up and out of the way. After installing the tensioner place the pulley back and look at eht tensioner pully how it sets ont eht plunger I did not and broke the thing ($189.89 at Mazda) . 4. Install the timing belt starting with the crank then the idler pulley on the right (near the a/c) then over the cam sprocket above the pulley. 5. Now the other side. After makins sure you did not move anything and keeping the belt in place re-install the upper idler pulley. MAKE SURE YOU TOURQUE THIS TO 29 TO 38 FT POUNDS. It is recommended you you use a new bolt they have tendence to brake. 6. Remember the Allen in the tension pull it out. rotate the engine 2 complete revolutions and check the marks again. It they don't line up remove the belt and do it again. Note: I have found they they will not line up correctly. When I replace the timing belt for what ever reason. The cam pulley on the passenger side I leave it 2 teeth before the timing mark and then put everything together. After two complete turns the line up fine. 7. Once ever thing lines up and while the marks are lined up (all 3). Revove the distributor cap and remvoe the distributer align the rotor to where it points to number one wire. Note looking at it from the drivers side (standing beside the fender, it should line up with the center screw hole for the cap.

And that's it.....sounds like a lot. But I can pull a unit down and replace the belt and have it running in abotu 90 minutes start to finish.