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You can find the dipstick for the Transmission Fluid of an automatic transmission on the passenger side of the engine block (this is where the automatic transmission is mounted). It is way down in there and somewhat difficult to see - a flashlight will be helpful in locating it. You need to be careful when checking it because it is easy to burn your arm on the radiator hose as you reach down in there to grab the dipstick. As for the engine revving, depends if it is an automatic or manual transmission. If it isn't the clutch or the transmission, it could be a faulty throttle position sensor, bad oxygen sensor, bad fast idle thermovalve, or many other things.

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Q: Where at in a 1991 Honda accord lxi is the transmission fluild why does the engine run faster at times than the car is really going?
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How do you check transmission fluild on ford freestyle?

how to check the fluid on a ford freestyle transmission

When a speed sensor on a 2003 dodge grand caravan blows does it leak transmission fluild?

It is possible, but not likely for a transmission fluid leak from the speed sensors.

How do you add transmission fluild to bolens riding mower?

The product should have a manual that lists the preferred transmission fluid for the equipment, and an instruction list of where to add it to the mower. It is advisable to use a funnel to add the transmission fluid without spilling fluid over the parts of the mower.

Have a 1994 Ford ranger every 2 weeks add 34quart of fluid to tranny never have any fluid leakes on driveway where could the fluild be going some oil on bottom of tranny not a lot though?

Check to see if your transmission has a vacuum modulator. If it does, it could be leaking and fluid could be getting sucked into the engine. If it's a slow leak, the engine would burn that much fluid without too much trouble. See if there is a vacuum line between the transmission and engine. If so, disconnect it and see if there is fluid in it. If it has fluid, there is a vacuum leak in the transmission and you'll need to get it fixed.

How do you check the transmission fluid level on a manual transmission in a ford ZX2?

Remove the engine speed sensor which is located directly behind the engine on the clutch bellhousing side of the transaxle case below and to the left of the brake master cyinder. It sticks straight up and has a bolt on the side holding it down. Remove the electric connector attached to it and if there is a speedometer cable remove that also. Unscrew the retaining bolt at the base of the sensor and wiggle it out. The fluild level should reach the top of the gear on the sensor when inserted. This is also where you add fluid to the transaxle/transmission(use a funnel with a long stem). Note although this is a manual transmission it requires MERCON ATF(automatic transmission) fluid or equivalent. Do not use gear oil!!!

Where do you refill the windshield washer fluild for 2000 cougar?

On a 2000 Mercury Cougar the windshield washer fluid reservoir is at the front of the engine compartment , near the passenger side headlight

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1994 Ford escort transmission slips had the fluild changed 500 miles ago is there an adjustment that will fix this help?

If you used the correct A/T fluid, then Check the fluid level according to directions spelled out in the owner's manual. If it is at the full level and still slips, then you need this transmission looked at by a professional. More likely than not, it will need an overhaul or replacement.

A fluild ounce equals?

1 oz = 6 tsp 1 tsp = 0.16 oz

What is fan fluild?

You can find fan fluid at your local auto parts store, it is in the same isle with the blinker fluid.

How many fluild ounces of oil do I mix with 2 gallons of gas for a 40 to1 mix?

6.4 ounces.

Can a transmission from a 1995 3.8l Windstar be put in a 2000 Windstar?

Maybe, 95 windstar has a different plug for transmission shift and the netrual safety switch ,But the plug for the trans can be changed,also you must have both in front of you to compare.95-97 ,98-01,your trans is an AX4N and uses syn fluild,,the car computer makes the trans shift.95 is an AX4S,I think it will work but as always you will have things to deal with.

10 quarts equal how many fluild ounces?

10quart=320 fluid ounces 20quart=640 fluid ounces

How to put in transmission fluild in a 2002 ford explorer?

the only way to check trans fluid level on '02 explorer is from under the truck.. you will need a special tool to hold nut on drain plug while you unscrew the center screw which has a tube attached to it... basically you will add fluid till it starts to leak out, then you know you are full... hope this helps..

How many pints is in 576 fluild ounces?

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Your period ended early now you have clear fluild coming out?

If it's thick to medium discharge then that's common. If it's very watery please see your doctor for a check-up.

Could Honda civic 1995 get damage by driving whit no power steering fluild?

the only damage you will have to the power steering pump its self .it will not mess up any other function of your motor

How do you add transmission fluid to a 2003 Ford Explorer?

No dip stick or filler tube exists on the 03 4.0L Ford Explorer so you can't add or remove fluild unless you crawl under the vehicle. A fill plug exists on the Trans Case or Trans pan. If you need just a simple service take your vehicle to a transmission shop but if you experiencing hard or late shifts or dash O/D light blinking problems it time for an overhaul. These problems occur around the 50K mile mark and are do to inferior design and material used in the manufacture of this Automatic.

Can type F Ford Standard M2C33-F be used in a 1999 Chevy Cavalier?

I would stick with the recommended fluild type. as far as i know type -f is a friction enhancer and chev uses atf that is a friction reducer

What type of fluild is in a diff?

Most lubricants for manual gearboxes and differentials are hypoid gear oils. These contain extreme pressure (EP) additives and antiwear additives to cope with the sliding action of hypoid bevel gears. Hope This Helps.

You can't find the leak their is no puddle?

your heater core has an internal issue. if that is not it, then its leaking into your oil, an easy way to check that is drain a small glass cup full of oil. now oil floats on top of radiator fluid so if you have any discolored part of fluild in the cup then you have a blown seal in the engine. but this is a "just in case" type of thing, i doubt it happened to you. but the easiest way to get this thing solved is run a diagnostics on it, autozone is free, and even though nothing shows up on the dash, the computer might know something you dont

How do you fix your promblem2001 Chevy blazer is leaking raditator fluild not from holes or the raditator but under the fan belts What is wrong?

What items suggest is that spamming on books is completely nervous due to jumps of volume which are in turned canceled. If adding warnings should save blue fires, then parodied cats should fly for change.

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Well, the scientific theory of physhiology states that not only can a cell be submerged in isotonic fluild for diffusion to prosper, but that it can also be sliced into horizontal strips for a cell's asymmetrates to line up and increase the practical surfaxe area that makes the shape slightly oblique.

Automatic transmission fluid change on a ford focus?

The owners manual and the Ford Website state the fluid is to be changed at 60,000 miles, a flush and filter change at 150,000 miles.. My dealer keeps trying to get me to do a fluid change at 30,000 miles, where the service only requires the fluid level to be checked at this mileage.Counterpoint to the above; while it might not be required, and the dealership service department is in business to make a profit, it might be in this one instance they are actually giving good advice to do a flush and fill every 30,000 miles. Consider that replacing your transmission will cost you somewhere between $2500 and $3500 and during that time you'll have no transportation. There is no doubt that more frequent fluid changes will not harm your transmission, and will most probably extend it's life. Spending $100-$150 every 30,000 miles seems like insurance to me. But the choice is certainly up to each individual.As for the original question, Ford recommends flushing and filling your automatic transmission verses simply changing the fluid. This is because when draining the fluild in a conventional manner, you leave roughly 2/3 of the dirty transmission fluid in your torque converter. Flushing the system captures most of this fluid and replaces it with fresh fluid, therefore extending the life of your transmission. Just about any quality transmission shop can do flush and fills, in addition to the dealership.If you have to do it yourself for financial reasons, I would suggest buying a good manual and spending some time with it before attempting it, rather than trying to do it by following instructions online.

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