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Where can a paralyzed person find help in losing weight?

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A spinal cord injury rehabilitation specialist, or physiatrist, can work with you to find a plan suited to your needs.

It's extremely important to maintain the muscle function you do have, so work in the pool, with free weights, resistance bands, or other routines will help with that.

Also you need to make sure you are burning more calories than you are taking in to lose weight.

Avoid processed foods with high amounts of sugar (empty calories) and processed grains that don't make you "feel full." Base your diet around proper portion sizes of whole grains, vegetables, protein from plant sources and lean meats, and fruits.

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Where can I find a program that helps with problems losing weight?

If you truly have problems losing weight, you should consult your doctor or a nutritionist. Weight Watchers can offer consultation about weight loss if you would like a true weight loss program.

Where can I find information about staying healthy, losing weight and avoiding disease?

There are tons of websites that are dedicated to providing information on staying healthy or losing weight. You can find these by going to the government website for Fitness and eating healthy.

Why did you stop losing weight after losing 20 lbs?

The more you lose weight you're average calorie level changes. All you need to do is find out what your average calorie level is and subtract 500 calories and go by that and when you stop losing weight again do the same thing.

How much weight should you lose to find a boyfriend?

None. Losing weight won't help you do anything.Go out, meet people and get to know them - that is how you will find someone.

What website can i find diet plans to lose weight?

jillian michaels dot com is the site that has many weight loss programs and tips for losing wiehgt. she is a famous person and is well trusted by many who use her program to lose weight and is very helpful

Where can I find a good weight loss plan for free?

I would suggest using a calorie counter. The average person uses between 1400 and 2000 calories depeding on size and weight loss needed. If you find out how many calories you need to have and count your calories and dont exceed them, you should be losing weight in no time!

Where can I find information about breastfeeding and weight loss programs?

There is a direct link between breastfeeding your baby and losing weight after a pregnancy. You can find out more about this on the Web MD website, under Pregnancy.

Is there a website where I can find weight loss buddies in Richfield, Minnesota?

There are many weight loss oriented web forums, though none that I know of specifically targetted to Richfield. If you want to meet people losing weight in person Richfield Weight Watchers is located at 6423 Lyndale Ave, and can be contacted at (800) 516-3535.

Where can I find information about losing weight on the Internet?

You should asking someone with experience in losing weight and from my experience I have used this an amazing Keto diet custom plan and I have lost 15 kg in 3 month, it was incredible guy! believe m. Check it out click here to see it:

Where can I find out more about how to lose weight forever?

Losing weight requires exercise, and a healthy diet. At you can track your weight, offers many recipes and fitness tips to help you lose the weight.

How do you calculate the force exerted by a person on the floor?

Find the weight of the person in newtons.

Why do some people seem to lose weight faster than others?

Losing weight depends on your metabolism. Find out how yours works and what is good for you to eat and you should lose weight over time.

What are some of the nutritional supplements for losing weight women?

The best way to ensure that you are getting proper nutrition is to eat a balanced diet. However, if you find it difficult to meet all of your nutritional needs on a diet, take a good multivitamin and perhaps a leucine supplement, which prevents you from losing muscle while losing weight.

Where can i find more information on losing weight in a fast and healthy weight?

You should asking someone with experience in losing weight and from my experience I have used this an amazing Keto diet custom plan and I have lost 15 kg in 3 month, it was incredible guy! believe m. Check it out click here to see it:

Do you gain muscle first when you walk miles?

Yes, that is why you might find that your weight increases initially when you start exercising. Then you start losing weight as you burn off fats.

Where can I find more information on how to lose weight?

In order to know whether you need to be losing weight or not, you would need to find out if you are within the Body Mass Index parameters for your height and age. If you find you are obese, then talk to your doctor about next steps.

Where do I need to go to find out more about lose weight diet?

The best way to find accurate information about losing weight is to ask your doctor about what is right for you. However, if this is not an option, there are numerous women's health websites such as

Dont lose weight then you have to find it again?

This means; don't loose weight and think you're done. Keep losing weight even is you have already lost some and don't gain weight again. (I think, good question)

Losing weight rapidly is it diaebetes?

Rapid weight loss can be an effect of diabetes. But there are many disorders that can cause this. You need to see a doctor to find out if you have a medical problem that needs treatment.

Where can I find books on home weight loss? and both offer several titles regarding losing weight at home. You may also want to try

Where can I find more info on before and after losing weight?

A good way to lose weight is to join Weight Watchers. You will receive information and support both before and after weight loss. For more motivation, please see the follwing:

If you are gaining weight but losing fat is that ok?

Yes. If you are working out and gaining muscle tone, then it is reasonable that you may gain a little weight (a few pounds) or not lose as much weight as you normally would have if you were just losing "fat" weight. It is good that you are losing fat! In addition, you may be putting on some water weight as your body adjusts. This will go away completely within a few weeks or so. If this is not the case, and you are losing "fat" but still gaining weight, you may want to see a nutritionist or doctor to find out why that would be happening. Absent of that, there is nothing wrong with gaining a few pounds of muscle as you lose fat.

Where can I find a diet exercise Plan?

Cardio exercise is very important when it comes to losing weight. You can find a very good diet and exercise program at or at

What is the best book or internet website to learn about lose weight fast diet plans?

There are many places online to find information on losing weight fast, although not every diet works the same for each person, it is best to consult a physician and create a plan that is specific to your own needs.