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Where can the camshaft positiong sensor be found on a Daewoo Leganza?


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2008-05-08 01:05:25
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behind the cam gears.underneath the valve cover.


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The camshaft position sensor is located in the engine compartment of the 2002 Daewoo Leganza. It is at the end of the camshaft housing.

On the Daewoo Leganza it is located behind the AC compressor.

The camshaft position sensor is located on the end of the camshaft housing, on a 2002 Daewoo. The sensor should be labeled as such.

when you open your hood and you look on the valve cover you see on your left side of top of your cover a cable sticking out from a black piece that is the positioning sensor that cranksup the car.

Where is the crankshaft sensor on daewoo cielo glx 1996 dohc.

Hope this will help it happend to me. It was my cam sensor and the dealer fixed it for free.

P1780 Push - Pull Sensor Mal, could you please explain what the push - pull sensor is please?

The crankshaft position sensor is located behind the cam gears. you have to remove the timing belt to get to it. If your not having any problems don't fool with it. This is actually the camshaft sensor, the crankshaft sensor is down near the crankshaft and is the wire that runs up over the timing belt inside cover. It is very hard to reach and not many diagrams on it.

Here is a link for a parts place.

cmp snsr will not prevent the car from starting,ckp snsr would.

Check for recalls on camshafts just got mine replaced at dealer for free

On the 2000 model it is part of the distributor and you either replace complete distributor or try to dismantle the distributor and replace sensor only.

I started by removing the camshaft cover, then I realized the many other parts have to be removed before being able to succesfuly replace the sensor.... I also would like to know the procedure. Thanks

location of the camshaft sensor

Located behind the A/C Compressor. You will need to remove the P/S Pump, A/C Compressor then the bracket that holds them both.

Camshaft Sensor is used to adjust the timing to to belt stretch

The Camshaft sensor is located in the distributor.

No, there is no camshaft sensor on that model.

The 2003 Saturn camshaft sensor can be found on the back of the cylinder head. The camshaft sensor should be labeled as such.

Perhaps throttle plate is stuck? I have a Could 1997 Daewoo Leganza, every now and then the car goes into high revs each time I start it up, what I do is unhook the battery over night and this works, seems to reset some sort of sensor.

take spark plug cover off you see 4 plugs its next to the 1st plug on your left a wee black box camshaft sensor

where is the camshaft sensor on a 2005 Nissan altima

Where is camshaft sensor on 2002 Lincoln ls

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