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Try any Pep Boys or automotive place like it (NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, etc.), they are written and Published by Haynes Inc. and are usually around 5-7 dollars.

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โˆ™ 2004-10-19 13:06:10
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Q: Where can you buy a reasonably priced service manual for a 1998 Chevy CK1500 4x4 pickup truck?
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Where is the location of crankshaft sensor for a Chevy ck1500 pickup?

Need to know the year and engine size so we can answer correct. 1995 6.5

Where can you get a repair manual for a 1993 Nissan Pickup?

Free Nissan Repair Service Manuals -

Where is the coolant drain plug to drain the antifreeze from a 1994 Chevy CK1500 pickup?

its in one of the lower corners of the radiator. usually on the back side.

How do you swap a 1989 350 engine in a 1989 Chevy CK1500 2WD pickup?

easy, take out the old engine, and put in the 350. it really is that simple.

Where can I find the electrical system schematic of a 1984 Nissan Pickup including the fuel pump?

look on eBay for service manual.

Where can you find an emissions and control diagram for a 86 Nissan 720 pickup?

look on e bay for a 86 service manual

Diagram of a 1985 Chevy pickup vacuum line?

The vacuum line diagram on a 1985 Chevy Pickup can be found in the service manual. It details not only the location of each line, but its function as well.

Where can you get a wiring diagram for a 1985 Nissan D21 pickup?

right now ,theirs a1985 Nissan truck service manual on eBay for bid.

What are the spark plug gap settings for a 1986 Nissan Pickup truck?

service manual says .31 to.35 for ngk plugs.

Wiring diagram ford f-250 pickup?

The wiring diagram for an f-250 is in the trucks service manual. The manual can be bought through an auto parts or possibly found in the library.

How do you find the fuse box diagram for a Mazda b2300 pickup when you do not have the manual?

You can find the fuse box diagram for a Mazda b2300 pickup when you do not have the manual by writing or calling the manufacturer for the original manual.

Where may you obtain vacuum diagram of 1997 Nissan pickup with ka24e engine?

I own a 97 pickup with a ka24e and the vacuum diagram is right on the hood. But a local Nissan dealership should be able to print a copy of one from their service manual for you.

What kind of oil is best for a manual transmission on a 1994 Toyota pickup?

What is specified in your owner's manual.

Fuse diagram for 1979 Toyota pickup?

In owner's manual

Shop manual for setting timing on 1994 ford ranger pickup?

Haynes or Chilton's manual {NAPA }

Why is there No spark at coil?

It could be the pickup coil, the module, the computer, bad connections... a lot of it depends on the vehicle and the type of electronics. You might need to refer to a service manual that was written for your vehicle.

How big is the gas tank on your 1983 Dodge d150 pickup?

the service manual gives 3 sizes sport utility.........................35gals. light truck(standard)...........20gals. (optional)............30gals

What is the best manual transmission fluid for a 1986 Toyota pickup?


What is the gross weight of a 1987 Chevy 1500 pickup?

owners manual.

Where can you find engine parts manual for 1995 Nissan pickup?


How do you reset the service engine soon light on a 2001 ford pickup?

why appear light ( service engine soon), after change oil on a 2001 ford pickup (f150)?

Where is the thermostat on a 2000 S10 Chevy pickup?

Get a Haynes repair manual for your 2000 Chevrolet S10. Covers most minor service questions like this. Any Autopart store. $17 or $20.

Are Starters to a 1997 Nissan pickup interchangeable between the manual and automatic trannys?


Trans fluid for Toyota truck?

manual trans 91 Toyota pickup?

What is the towing capacity of a 1978 dodge d100 pickup with 318 manual?