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Where can you buy ground effects for an 89 Berretta or is there another type of car you can use them off of?

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βˆ™ 2009-08-03 18:21:55

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By "ground effects", are you referring to aftermarket neon/LED/cathode lights that are mounted to the underside of the vehicle, or do you mean body kit and side skirt pieces?

The lights are available at most department or automotive stores, or through several online sources. Just search.

Body kits for the Beretta are still available in extremely limited supply from GM and will bolt on to a Base model Beretta. As far as aftermarket goes, Erebuni, FX Designs, and others had marketed to Beretta owners. I'm not sure which are still in production. Someone of the forum may have more knowledge.

2009-08-03 18:21:55
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