Where can you buy the clear umbrella that is featured in the Cingular Wireless commercial?

I searched the internet as well as some local discount stores in my town (ex:Walmart; Target; Sears ect...) I had the best luck w/an online purchase. Here is a list of stores that carry clear dome umbrellas ranging in cost from $5.99-$36.95. Miles Kimball has it on sale right now for $5.99 (this is the one I chose); then there is Umbrellas.com selling the same, exact umbrella for $29.95; and then of course there's Ebay w/a pretty large selection of Umbrellas, including a store called Umbrella World which has the most interesting dome umbrellas that I came across. The most expensive one at this store was about $39.00, but these are more unique then all of the others that I looked at.