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Where To Find TNA Entrance musicTNA's website or if you type in what you're looking for on YouTube, you can easily find videos of the songs you want with safe download links. A suggestion to type in would be: TNATrax. You'll find this one guy who only does TNA themes.

If you visit the TNA website, it shows a picture of Christy Hemme and Kurt Angle and say 'TNA is now on iTunes. So click on that, and it'll take you to iTunes, and you will be able to buy TNA entrance themes from your favorite TNA Superstars & Knockouts.

On iTunes you'll be able to download the latest official TNA CD's and tracks for 79p in the United Kingdom if you've got an iPod

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Q: Where can you download TNA entrance music songs?
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Where can you download TNA entrance music songs on to the PSP?

lime wire

Where can you download Jeff Hardy's TNA entrance music?

on limewire

Where can you download Jeff Hardy's WWE or TNA entrance music for free?


What is the wrestling music genre?

The type of music wrestlers use as their entrance theme songs on their way to the ring such as in WWE or TNA

Where can you download full TNA theme songs other than

You can download TNA theme songs on iTunes.

Where can I download tna wrestler stings entrance music?

AnswerYou are capable of downloading it from YouTube by using youtube to mp3 converter.

Can you get tna entrance music on iTunes?


What is the name of Jeff hardys tna entrance?

His TNA entrance music is called Modest and it is by Hardy's band Peroxwhy?gen.

In tna wrestling who does aj styles entrance music?

Dale oliver: I am.

What is the name of The Band's TNA entrance music?

Nwo Wolfpac Theme

Who sings Jeff jarrtes tna entrance music my World?

Dale Oliver. He does a lot of the music for the TNA wrestlers. He also performs AJ Styles song "I Am".

What is the name of Sting's new TNA entrance music?

"Slay Me"by Dale Oliver

Christian cage tna entrance music?

Take Over by Dale Oliver

What is the name of The Bands TNA entrance music?

Wolfpac Theme (instrumental) by J.Hart

Where can you download tna music to windows media player?


Where can you download TNA wrestling entrance themes?

go to chumbloviasly Here is a sure shot way of getting the TNA entrance themes. Just go to the TNA website, i.e. and then roster. Click on the popup media player and then let the songs play. They will stream. After that simply head to the temporary internet files folder and do a search on *.mp3 and you will see all of the files downloaded to your system. This is a problem with the player the people at TNA use, so it might be fixed soon :) ciao! You can download TNA entrance themes at Go to Multimedia then click on TNA themes. It's a great website I just got Team 3Ds NEW theme.

What is tna Jeff hardys entrance music called?

modest by proxy?gen his band

Where can you download the latest TNA Titantrons and themes?

Youtube. TNA very rarely release and music or titantrons directly.

Where can you download tna wrestling music from for free?

you really shouldn't it is illegal

What was Jeff hardys TNA entrance music?

His First theme song was sung by his band Peroxwygen - Modest. his current tna theme is Peroxwhygen - Another

Where can you download TNA entrance videos Japanese wrestling matches and WWE entrance videos of Stephanie McMahon?

Http:// it's real believe me!

In TNA wrestling who does Raven's entrance music?

AnswerDale Oliver from Blackhawk makes their themes. I don't know if he has a great big studio like WWE's Jim Johnston but he's the one making their songs. He was even on a TNA Pay-Per-View one time when Goldylocks was singing.-edit-along with Dale Oliver, Serg Salinas, the husband of Dixie Carter help out with some of the entrance music.

Where can you get TNA wrestling music?

You can download it on eBay you just have to go to and download it. Than you can download your musics or videos by writting the name of the song.

What are the lyrics to the Beautiful People's theme song in TNA?

There are no words in the Beautiful People's entrance theme. Just music.

Who sings Jeff Hardy's entrance music on TNA wrestling?

Jeff Hardy's band Peroxwhy?gen does Hardy's TNA theme song. The song is sung by Jeff Hardy.