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It depends on how much modifying you need/want to do. To put a cold air intake on, it is (supposed to be) a "bolt-on" part, so the instructions that come with the part should suffice. Essentially, simply looking at how the cold air intake will attach will tell you what needs to be removed. "Bolt-on" literally means once you have removed everything it replaces, just bolt it on. Some might suggest that you change you mass-airflow sensor too. I have not researched the original equipment compared to what's available. Still others might suggest upgrading your throttle body (intake?) but again, I would research the effect this will have on power and fuel economy before attempting this. Doing all three would result in some significant improvements in horsepower (I am not sure whether fuel economy would also be preserved or improved with each). If you do all three, you may as well get some performance mufflers, and maybe pipes too (again, if the stock pipes don't provide enough flow as is). Each modification costs more or less than $300, so you do the math, $300, $600, $900, $1200 and eat my dust! I just installed a K & N Air Filter, while I research all of the above to see what the best fuel economy result is. Of course, having it haul astronimically quickly is cool too!!!

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Q: Where can you find Detailed Instructions on the internet on installing a performance air intake system on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2?
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