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Where can you find Organizations that give assistance to people in need?

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most often, help is scarce and expensive... however, there are volunteers/organisations that may help for free. you will have to search hard for it...but surely it exists!! and depending of course on WHAT HELP you need. gl.

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Did townshend act give of writs of assistance?

No the townshend act did not give writs of assistance. The act legalized search warrants, and the rights of people were fringed upon.

What kind of presents do french people give on Christmas?

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Why do people not give to the poor?

People do give to the poor the majority of the wolds charity comes out of the pockets of private individuals through a myriad of churches and other Non government organizations.

Is a dog useful?

Dogs are extremely useful animals, if they are trained properly they can be very intelligent. Dogs give assistance for people with disabilities, they search and rescue people, there are sniffer dogs to find illegal substances also they are great companions.

Does germany give financial assistance to other eu countries or is it one of the countries that receives financial assistance?

Yes, Germany does give financial assistance to other EU countries.

Where can someone find information on charities that accept cars as a donation?

One can find various charities on the internet that accept cars for donations. Some organizations can be located by contacting the IRS for publications of charitable organizations that accept cars and give tax receipts for the car.

what are the guidelines for any sort of assistance for energy.?

As far as I know it goes by your income and how many people are in your home. To find out what the income guidelines are in your area just call your local human services department, they should be able to give you the income guidelines or a number for your local energy assistance goverment agencies.

How do I look for nonprofit organizations?

A google search will give you thousands of results for non for profit organizations.

How much money does the government give to poor people?

The government has programs in place that assist people, but it is rarely with cash assistance. Low income people are often eligible for assistance, such as reduced cost housing and food stamps. These programs are managed by the state, and the amount of assistance and how it is supplied varies. It is often only provided for a limited period of time, as well.

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Give two examples of national women's organizations committed to social activism

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What organizations give food to the hungry?

Feed my starving children.

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There are many organizations who are desperate to stop child labour and give the children the rights that they deserve. These organizations are spread all over the globe.This is a list of some organizations:IPESILOScream

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Four letter word that means to give assistance to?


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