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Where can you find a camping site in France that allows you to bring and pitch your own tent?


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Oh, for pity's sake! In every town and village in the entire country! just type camping France into Google, and pick your own directory. Every site will give you a price list something like this: The rate includes 1 pitch, 2 people, 1 car and electricity 5 Amp. Local tax (basis 2005): : 0.35 e/day/person > 16 years at Yelloh‑! village de la Plage, 0.40 e/day/person > 16 years at Yelloh‑! village le Manoir de Kerlut, 0.25 e/day/person from 10 to 16 years and 0.49 e/day/person > 16 years at Yelloh‑! village le Grand Large. *Animals: injections with validity dates compulsory. Opening 24/06 08/07 22/07 12/08 19/08 26/08 23/06 07/07 21/07 11/08 18/08 25/08 Closing Rate 16


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Camping and hiking are great types of recreational activities, because they allow you to immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the company of family and friends. But the best backpacking trip can turn sour quickly if you don’t come well prepared with the appropriate camping and hiking gear. Read more to find out which essentials you should always pack for camping and hiking trips. Tent and Sleeping Bags A good tent and sleeping bag will ensure a comfortable camping trip. On the other hand, a low quality tent can ruin your trip by exposing you to rain or snow. And the wrong sleeping bag will leave you susceptible to hypothermia and frost bite on chilly nights. Be sure to choose a quality tent from a camping store and to bring a set of sleeping bags that is most appropriate for the current weather conditions. Warm Clothing In addition to bringing warm sleeping bags, be sure to always pack a fleece or jacket for your camping trip, even if it is the middle of summer. The temperature can lower drastically in an instant, especially after night falls. In many cases, it is also advisable to pack hats and mittens, especially if your camping trip is taking place earlier or later in the season. Flashlight Once the sun goes down, chances are, your campsite will be pitch black. At this point, you will need to have a flashlight or a lantern in order to have any chance of locating firewood, bathrooms and even your own tent. Stumbling around in the dark without a flashlight is just asking for a sprained ankle or other type of injury. First Aid Kit This is probably the most important thing to bring camping or hiking, but few people actually carry a first aid kit with them. Shame, because accidents can happen to anyone, and those who travel without first aid kits are at greater danger of having serious injuries and infections, or even dying after not being properly treated. Be sure to stock your first aid kit with the following supplies: bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, a cold compress, antiseptic wipes, compress dressings, and a first aid instruction book or booklet.

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