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You can find a diagram showing the engine wiring on a Fiat Bravo 1.6 HLX at wiring4cars. The website lets you search for diagrams by vehicle make and model.

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Q: Where can you find a diagram showing the engine wiring on a Fiat Bravo 1.6 hlx?
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Where can i get a Fiat bravo 1.4turbo wiring diagram?

you can easily get from the google website

How much engine oil in a fiat bravo?

It's depends on the engine size!!

Where can you get a diagram of the power steering layout for a fiat bravo hgt?

When making changes to a car it is important to have a diagram to use as a guide. A person can get a diagram of the power steering layout of this car, by purchasing the cars maintenance manual.

How do you fit a hks dump valve to fiat bravo hgt 1997?

There is no point in doing that as the Fiat Bravo HGT has a Normally Aspirated engine ( no turbo)

Does the fiat bravo hgt have a petrol engine with a turbo?

No. Normally aspirated.

What should the engine compression be for a 1982 Yamaha Bravo 250?

480 psi minimum

Is vespa Piaggio bravo 2 stroke engine?

yes its a 2 stroke

Where is the engine oil filter located on Mazda Bravo B4000 V6 Engine 2005?

It should be located on the left side of the engine (looking at the headlights), beside the exaust manifold.

Should you change the water pump when the timing belt breaks on a fiat bravo?

If the timing belt brakes on a bravo the engine will be whacked/busted as the Mk1 1.2 Fiat Punto is the only non interferance/ Free wheeling engine Fiat made be warned if in doubt change it out.

Is it possible to turbo a 92 bravo G6 engine?

You can put a Turbo on your 1992 engine. You will need to purchase a air intake Turbo modification kit.

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Joshua Andrews invented the make and break engine in 1726. he invented it to power a snowmobiel called a Yamaha bravo. its a 5.3L v8 256hp engine.

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How many liters can a Fiat bravo hold?

Based on the 1.2 engine the Fiat Brava & Bravo hold 2.8 litre of oil (remember to fill the oil filter first if your changing both oil and filter

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Can you put a 1600cc engine into a 1400cc Fiat Bravo?

Yes it can. The mountings are the same. However, you will need to change the ECU, fuel tank, fuel lines, and complete wiring loom too. This will cost you a chunk of your hard earned cash. Plus if you have all that from a donor car, it might be cheaper to just run the donor car, unless its been rolled or had serious damage to chassis etc. The 1400 engine (1370cc) was discontinued in '98 in favour of a retuned, faster and more econimocal 1.2 with 82bhp versus the 1.4's 80bhp. If your bravo is a 1.4 then its quite likely that the cost of swapping all the above is the same as buying another, as its likely to cost 1500Euro's or

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