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Where can you find a diagram to help you replace the rear disc brake pads on a 1988 Isuzu Trooper II?


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2007-04-03 05:55:49
2007-04-03 05:55:49

There isn't really a diagram that is all that good I've found. I just did mine. Remove the wheel. Remove the bolt (I think it's a 10mm) on the caliper and remove. Pull out old pads and replace with new pads. You will need to compress the rear piston to fit the new pads around the rotor. DO NOT USE A C-CLAMP. There will be 4 notches around the outside edge of the piston. I used a pair of needle nosed pliers that spanned to 2 of those notches across from one another. Once spanned, rotate the piston. Clockwise and counterclockwise it will turn. Just rotate it so that it is just above flush with the surrounding rubber seal (Not past it). Be sure to clean all of the surfaces that the brake pad travels on "slides". Chiltons or haynes manuels are great for step by step automotive


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