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First try gunpartscorp.com where they have the best selection of gun parts in the country. Try auctionarms.com and eBay if that doesn't succeed

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What is the value of a springfield 20 gauge pump model 67?

The value of a Springfield 20 gauge pump shotgun would actually depend on a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and the condition of the shotgun.

How do you remove the bolt on a model 18D springfield 12 gauge shotgun?

take out the scew on the bottom side of the barrel

What shells can you shoot in a Springfield model 511 series A shotgun safely?

Ensure you look at the stamped shell gauge on the side of the receiver (12 or 20 Gauge). Should be able to take 2 3/4" and 3" shells.

Did Springfield produce a model 94-A single shot shotgun?

I have a single shot Springfield shotgun but there is no model number anywhere. It looks just like a the Stevens Model 94 and has several identical parts although I am not sure what series of the 94 it is.

How do you remove the barrel from a 12 gauge Springfield Model 67 shotgun?

you cannot remove it. it is all in one with the receiver frame

Price on a Springfield model 67 series b 12 gauge?

Price for fire arms Springfield model C 12 gauge shot gun?

Is a Stevens Arms West Point Model 167 a 12 gauge or 20 gauge Shotgun?

I have a model 167 series E and it is a 12 gauge up to 3" magnum

What is the value of Savage Springfield Model 67-E 12 gauge shotgun?

These are valued between 125-180 dollars,based on overall condition of your shotgun.

How much is your springfield model 67 series b 410 shotgun worth?

The value of a Springfield model 67 series B 410 shot gun depends on its condition. This model in excellent condition is valued between 220.00 and 280.00 as of 2014.

Where can you get a stock for a 20 gauge Springfield M59A bolt action shotgun?

We have semi-finished replacement stocks for that model. sales@countrygunsmith.net

What is the value of a 12 gauge Springfield Model 67F shotgun?

About $140 to $160 in good condition. Less if it has a lot of wear and tear.

20 gauge pump shotgun Springfield model 67B Serial?

i need a diagram of the internal parts of this gun. where would i find it..

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