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You can always search online for web page backgrounds, but if you're into stripes and the web 2.0 look then check out th website stripegenerator. Create your own stripe background and upload it.

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Q: Where can you find free computer graphics for webpage backgrounds?
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Where can I get desktop backgrounds online?

There are many sites on line to find desktop would be which offers a variety of free background graphics.

Where can I find computer graphics for my computer?

There are a number of resources for computer graphics on the internet. A site such as will have a variety of options for you. Be sure to have permission to use the graphics. Look for a creative commons liscense.

Which graphics cards are compatible with your computer?

To find out which type of graphics card is compatible with your computer you will need to know the specific specifications on your computer. Your local electronics store's salesperson can help you find a match for your computer.

Where can one find 'awesome backgrounds' for their computer?

One can find 'awesome backgrounds' for their computer on the website One Direction. The website contains a vast collection of awesome background, also known as wallpapers.

Where do you find the graphics accelerator on a computer?


Where can one find free backgrounds for computer?

Backgrounds or wallpaper for computer desktops can be found on many sites on the web. Some of the most popular are American Greetings and Desktop Wallpaper Space.

Where can one find scenic backgrounds for their computer desktop?

One can find scenic backgrounds for computer desktops at a number of sources. One can use personal scenic pictures taken on vacation trips. 1st Web Designer, Magazine Hive, and American Greetings are popular sources of scenic backgrounds.

Where can you find abstract backgrounds?

Abstract backgrounds for your computer's desktop can be found at a variety of locations online. Some sites with abstract backgrounds include HD Wallpapers, The Design Inspiration, and Caedes.

Where can one find nature backgrounds for a computer?

Nature backgrounds for computer displays can be found on online wallpaper image hosting sites. One popular site called WallpapersWide offers nature backgrounds for a wide variety of different display resolutions.

How do you remove webpage on my computer which i have seen?

i dont know but ill try and find out for you.

Where is a good place to find a large selection of Photoshopped backgrounds?

There are several websites that offer a selection of Photoshop backgrounds, such as PPT clipart, Creative can, PSD Graphics. They all offer a variety of abstact effects.

How do you find the MB of your graphics card?

The computer can be used to find the MB of the graphics card. The graphic card is usually mounted on the graphics card reader. The MB of the graphic card can be read by looking at the drive of the graphics card.

Where can students find an internship about computer graphics design?

Students can find information about internships in computer graphics design by looking at a wide range of businesses online and from the job centers and through the college at which they are studying.

Where can one find free backgrounds for their computer desktop?

There are a number of options for one to download free backgrounds or wallpaper for a computer desktop. These are available from the Microsoft website as well as sites such as American Greetings and Wallpaper Originals.

What are polygon tables in computer graphics?

I don't know, but if you find out, tell me.

How do i find out what type graphics card my computer can use?

To find out what graphics cards your computer can use you have to find out what kind of expansion slots your motherboard has. To do that you can download a diagnostic program like Sandra, it will tell you what kind of slots your motherboard has.

Where can one find a snow scene background wallpaper for a computer?

Snow scene backgrounds can be found at Best Design Options, Free Wallpaper Backgrounds, and Bright Hub. Google Images also offers a lot of different snow scene backgrounds to pick from.

Where might one find a colorful background for your computer?

There are many places one can find a colorful background for their computer. Microsoft often has a lot of backgrounds. Another is to find one and save it to the desktop and create a personalized background.

Where online can one find downloadable Dell desktop backgrounds?

One can find downloadable Dell desktop backgrounds for their computer online on the Microsoft website. Many can also be found in image searches if one selects the largest file size.

Where can one find colorful computer backgrounds?

There are many places online where one could find colorful computer desktop backgrounds. One could check some websites like Desktop Nexus or Web Design Depot. One could also check an image hosting site like Imgur.

How do you find what graphics card is in your computer?

Run Dxdiag, it is gonna show what graphics chip is in your pc. Or go to device manager and see Display. It's gonna have everything about your Monitor and Graphics chip model.

You have gigabyte 82845 mothrboard and 512mb ddr2 graphics card geforce how can you attach this graphics card into your computer?

regardless of the motherboard and the graphics card type, installing a graphics card is standard. You need to find the pci express 16 slot on the motherboard. It should be the largest of the pci slots, and if you cant find them, you shouldn't be fiddling around inside your computer! Take out the metal cover on the case so it fits, and slot the card in until it clicks into place. Then start up the computer and install the graphics driver off the CD

Where do you find backgrounds on club penguin?

You find backgrounds in the Penguin Style catalog present in the gift shop.

Where can one find a good black and red computer background?

One can find a good black and red computer background from various websites like 4walled and Desktops4Wallpaper. Both websites include a great amount of computer background including black and red computer backgrounds.

Is ati graphics cards can be used in Intel computers?

A processor of a computer does not interfere or limit to which kind of graphics card you can add. To find out which kinds of graphics card you can add, you need to open up your computer and find a x16 pci express slot. To find the slot you have to look around your motherboard to find a spot where it says x16 pc-express slot. If you have this slot, you should be able to add a graphics card. P.S. There are other factors to consider when adding a graphics card. For more information read below (related links).