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Where can you find information about a Sam Holt Arms Co shotgun?


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Sam Holt Arms Company: Trade name used by the Sears, Roebuck and Company of Chicago on shotguns they retailed. If marked with the country of origin, it was imported after 1893. WWI pretty much ended the importation of these inexpensive shotguns. Don't shoot this one without having it checked by a good gunsmith. Laminated steel means the barrels are made of of little strips of metal hammer-welded together. Although safe enough when new, after a century of use/abuse they may not be now. Here is more input: * I have a gun that is a double barrel muzzle loader, it also says Sam Holt Arms Co. on the side of the shotgun. also says belgium and laminated steel. it also has a dog on each side above the trigger in the steel. * These old doubles usually bring $125-$150 as mantle decorations.


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