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Try going to or Both have forums where you can post pictures of your firearms and ask for help identifying them. The people on both sites are very knowlegeable about antique military weaponry. If nothing else, I'm sure they can point you in the right direction from there. Good luck. -Jimpie

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Q: Where can you find information on an old Civil War musket?
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Deadliest weapon of the civil war?


Who prefered the musket more in the Civil War the South or the North?

both side wanted the musket.

What type of gun was used in the civil war?

The type of gun used in the civil war was the almost infamous MUSKET!

What were the type of bullets used in the Civil War?

Musket balls.

What was the most used weapon used in the civil war?

the musket

How much did civil war musket balls cost?


Where can you find serial number for your civil war musket?

Library, book store, gun shop, gun shows.

What type of bullet did the rifle musket used in the civil war fire?

Its the trigger.

What weapons were used by the cavaliers in the English civil war?

Mortar, cannon, musket, pike.

Where can one find information about the reconstruction after the civil war?

Information about the reconstruction of the States after the American Civil War can be found on a website called Essortment. The local library would also have a selection of books about the Civil War that would have details about the reconstruction efforts.

What types of weapons were used in the English civil war in 1642 by the kings royalists?

A musket, pike, mortar and cannon.

What was the most commonly used infantry rifle of the US Civil War at the beginning of 1865?

As the US Civil War entered its fifth year in 1865, most infantrymen were no longer using the old style musket type rifles of the past. By the war's end, most soldiers were using either the '58 Springfield or the 577 Enfield rifle musket.

Where should you look to find quick information on the American civil war?

c. encyclopedia

Where should you look to find quick information on the causes of the American Civil War?


What is the Value of 1863 Springfield Rifle Musket with a trapdoor?

what you have is a converted civil war 58 cal. musket. After the civil war those muskets were converted to 50/70 cal (trapdoor) center fire rifles. Later the 45/70 (trapdoor) came into being. Value depends on overall condition of the rifle................

What did the battlefields of the US Civil War sound like?

The battlefields of the US Civil War were booming from artillery shots and rifle and musket shots. There was smoke and shouting among the soldiers and the galloping cavalry horses.

Are there any words that begin with m that relate to the civil war?

Musket Mississippi Marching

What was the average soldier like in the civil war?

They drilled and and marched a lot. The muskets upgraded to musket-rifles which were much better.

Where can you find a website on Civil War? is a good site with many links to additional sources or you can use a search engine of your choice to find information on the American Civil War . ~ Look to the related link below .

What was the war between north and south called?

This war would be known as the Civil War. To find out more information on this specific war, check out the related links.

What was the distance a civil war musket could fire?

Muskets were known not to be reliable. It is said that it is rare for a musket to hit the exact area it was aiming at, but rather hit a different enemy near by the one that the musketeer was aiming at.

What side in the Civil War was Vermont on?

During the Civil War Vermont soldiers fought with the Union "The North" If you want more information on Vermont in the Civil War During the Civil War Vermont soldiers fought with the Union "The North" If you want more information on Vermont in the Civil War

What new technology new to the civil war made it possible for bullets to travel faster and further?

The rifled musket and Minié ball.

Who used the musket?

If your referring to the "muzzle loading" musket/rifle; the US Army's last offical use of that weapon was the US Civil War. In 1866 the US Army adapted the metallic cartridge 50-70 single shot rifle. Then in 1873, the US Army got rid of the 50-70 and adapted the 45-70 Government cartridge. Both sides used the musket/rifle in the Civil War. A muzzle loading musket could be either smooth bore or rifled. However, generally speaking, whenever a man used the term "musket", it was usually presumed to be a smooth bored weapon.

What is important information about the Civil war battle Fort Sumter?

It was the 1st battle of the Civil War

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