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Where can you find more information on eating disorders?

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May 07, 2009 7:05AM

Type in Eating disorders in a Google or Yahoo search - it somes up with heaps of websited. Or go to the library and search the catalouge Answer: Going along with the previous answer. Depending on what you are looking for, you'll have more luck finding about eating disorders if you specify what it is you are looking for. *If you are for it you can put it Pro eating disorders. *If you want know about health you can put in the helth of people with eating disorders. *If you want to know how to hide it if you have one put in how to hide eating disorders. *If you want to know how to get help for an eating disorder putting in getting help for my eating disorder. Those are the most common ones. Being specific helps you narrow down what excatly you want to know more about instead of scrolling threw hundreds of pages of things you might not or already know. Answer: Apart from the popular solutions like Wikipedia and National Institute of Health websites, there are quite a few decent resources available on the internet that provide information on eating disorders and other mental health conditions. Some websites provide in-depth information about different types of eating disorders, their causes, symptoms and treatments.