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I believe like all C4's, look on the option code sticker on the inside of the center console door. It will be a 2 digit number followed by the letter "U" near the end of the list of option codes. For example, 10U is white. If you don't have the sticker, GM can give you the list of options based on the VIN.

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Q: Where can you find the paint code to a 1990 Corvette Convertible?
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Where is the paint code on a 1985 Chevy Corvette?

the paint code on an 85 corvette is located on the underside of the compartment door behind the drivers seat it will be the code on the bottom of the label after it says bse/clr coat it will have a lower marked by L and an upper marked by U followed by the four digit paint code

How do i get a paint code from a vin number .1990 Chevy cavalier?


Where is paint code on 1978 Corvette?

Inside the driver's side door on the forward part of the frame (above the door hinges, directly to the left of the headlight switch). There is a metal plate with the paint codes stamped on it.

What is paint code U8554?

White automotive paint

What is the paint code for Miami blue?

Miami blue - paint code L51C

What is the paint code for Peugeot 308 GT?

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Where is the paint code for your Vauxhall Astra?

The paint code for the Vauxhall Astra should be on a sticker on the driver's side door frame. The code for the paint is the code that the company uses. It is not a universal code for all vehicle manufacturers.

What is the cheat code for a corvette on gta 4?

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What does a WA mean on a gm paint code?

WA is the paint code for Artic white.

What does Code P0200 mean on 2001 corvette?

Trouble code P0200 means: Injector Circuit

Where is the paint code on a fiat grande punto?

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How do you find the paint code for a 98 Pontiac gtp?

paint code for a 98 Pontiac gtp

Where Paint code for 2004 Monte Carlo?

The Paint code is on the sticker, inside the trunk, under the lid

What is the paint code for a 1969 442 engine?

the paint code tells you what color the car was when it came from the factory.

How do you delete a code on a 2006 corvette with out a code reader?

find a autozone they scan and reset codes for free

What does pxr paint code mean?

PXR is the color code for the paint color of the vehicle. If you take that color code to a auto paint supplier they can match the color exactly. I believe that is a Jeep color code for Brilliant Black Pearl Coat.

Where is the paint code located on a 2008 Malibu?

The paint code is located on the option label in the trunk. -------------------------

What is the paint code for a blue 03 fjr1300?

paint code: 0865 - Deep purplish blue metalic (DPBML)

What is paint color code for Yamaha r1 2005 color silver storm?

The Paint code you are looking for is BS4

Where to find a paint code on 1979 chev van?

check on driver door it have van info and paint code

Where is the paint code on a Harley Davidson motorcycles?

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How do I find the paint code for a harley davidson?

You can go to the ColorRite website and find the paint code for a Harley Davidson.

Why does your 1997 corvette read code 1221 and how to fix?

If the code 1221 comes up in a computer diagnosis on a 1997 Corvette, it means the throttle position sensor is shot. It would need to be replaced in order to fix the issue.

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