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Where can you find the wiring diagram of the Lucas ignition module in a 1990 Laser 1600?

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haines manual

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How do i test the ignition module in my 1984 Ford Laser?

There is no ignition module in a '84 laser. They have a coil and distributor unless it has been modified. If you don't get a spark across the points in the distributor when you try to start the engine you probably need a new coil.

Why does your 1989 Ford Laser cuts out after driving a bit?

The most common fault is the ignition module in the dissy which breaks down when warm.

Where can you get a wiring diagram for a Ford Laser GL 1984 - need schematics for wiring that involves the main live wires mostly associated with the indicators and demister please?

Try your local library.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for the 1994 Ford Laser radio?

Call the company that made the radio they should be able to send you one free or a small fee. You can call Ford and ask them for a diagram too.

Condenser on a ford laser 1989?

It is electronic ignition so has no points... hence no condensor. They have an ign. module in the dissy which has a small coil connected to it. It is the module that breaks down. Part no. J117. Causes the motor to cut out when warm.

Wiring diagram for Ford Laser 1985 KB?

Answer Try your local library for the manual. Whereabouts are you. I have a photocopy I got from my library I might be able to send you.You dont!

Why does your 1989 Ford Laser hatch automatic transmission constantly stall?

Most usual reason is the ignition module in the distributor, or it could be the float needle sticking if it is the carby model.

Diagram of a coil for a Ford Laser 1991?

A 1991 ford laser has an electronic ignition and it should be located on the rigt side of the engine bay. It is an 'A' shaped thing with a cable going to the distributor and black and white plugs underneath. Hope this helps.

When is a laser diode module a useful thing to have?

A laser diode module is useful when a small laser with lower power usage is needed. The diode is used in a multitude of fields, including life science, industrial, and scientific instrumentation.

Where is the immobiliser Ford Laser 1993 and how do you bypass it...?

where can i locate the body control module in a 95 ford laser

Where is your ignition module located in your Ford Laser?

The module is in the distributor. You have to dismantle the dissy to replace. The module is conected to a small coil by push in clips. The coil sits around the center spindle and the module is held by 2 screws. White heat sink grease is supplied with the new mod. and is applied to the back before screwing down. The wires then clip on to the module. Usually when gone, the car stops and can be re-started after a while..this goes on......

How do you get spark to the coil for a 1987 GL Ford Laser?

If there is no spark at the plugs and the leads look good, then it's probably the ignition module in the distributor which has gone, the coils rarely go.This is a common problem with these cars. Cheaper to get a guaranteed replacement dissy from the wreckers than buy the module which is expensive.

What are semiconductor diode laser describe with energy band diagram the construction and working of a semiconductor diode laser?

construction and working of semiconductor laser

What are the manufacturing costs of laser pointer components?

The most important laser pointer components is the laser module . The costs for different colors of laser are different , about 1$ for red laser , 10$ for green laser and 200$ for blue laser . And the costs are keep going down.

Block diagram of voice communication through laser?


Where can you find carburetor diagram for 1992 KH Ford Laser?

Hi there,Carbby diagram ford laser.... I have just replaced all the gaskets in my carbby (1993 laser 1.6) & the "exploded" view of the carbby is in the box of gaskets. If you want me to send to you a copy of this diagram,send me your e-mail address & I will forward onto you this diagram. I hope this will help you. regards David Campbell Perth W.A.

Ignition timing for ke laser 1.6l carburretor?

2 degrees BTDC

Ford laser engine diagram?

wot a modulator looks like and how to replace it??

1989 Ford Laser 1.3 gl hatch diagram?

fuze box picture

Main fuse box diagram 1990 Plymouth laser?

The best place to find the diagram for the fuse box on a 1990 Plymouth Laser would be at the local Chrysler dealer. They carry archived manuals and diagrams going back many years.

Were can you get a diagram of a 1990 Plymouth laser motor?

your best bet would be to pick up a hynes manual for the 90-94 eclipse talon and laser autozone sells them for about 20 bucks

Why when I release the key the car stops running for a 1991 Plymouth Laser?

Sounds like a worn ignition switch

How to replace a ignition module on a 1991 Ford Laser?

Take out the distributor.Take off the cap. Take off the rotor. Undo the bolt holding the bob weights. Remove the 2 screws holding the vacumatic advance unit on the outside and manouvre off the advance mechanism inside. Remove the 2 screws holding the bottom assembly. Mark position and remove. Now the module... You will see a small coil surrounding the center spindle,it's attached to the module which is held by 2 screws and 2 wires attached (take care to replace the wires in the same order). Remove the screws and lift out the coil/module. The coil is attached to the module by 2 slide-in contacts. Pull the coil off the module and put it on the replacement module. Be sure to put the heat sink white paste that comes with the new module. Re-assemble.

Your 1987 Ford Laser isn't getting spark you were driving home and all of a sudden your car just died you fiddled around with the dizzy cap played with the leads it still wouldn't start?

Either the coil, or the ignition module in the distributor which is notorious for going in early lasers. Cheaper to get a guaranteed dissy from the wrecker.

Will a 2.5 liter L4 engine out of a 1994 Dodge spirit work in a 1986 Chrysler Laser which had a 2.2 L4?

Not without major modifications. The Laser is actually a Mitsubishi car and it uses different transmissions and wiring.