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Remington now imports the Baikal shotguns under their 'Spartan' brand. Barrels for the "Remington" Spartan SPR-453 are the same as your Baikal.

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Q: Where can you get a barrel for a Baikal MP153?
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Can you get a Rifeled Slug barrel for a Baikal MP153?

No, not yet

How much a baikal mp153 shotguncost in canada?


Can a Baikal MP153 shotgun shoot two and three quarters of an inch long shells?


When was the Baikal MP153 with serial number 0115345714B made?

2001 - the first 2 digits are the year of manufacture.

How do you adjust gas chamber on baikal autoshotgun?

See page 18 of the manual, available at the following link.

Will Remington choke tubes fit a baikal mp153?

Yes, some of the remington tubes will but not all. I have a remington modified choke in my mp 153 right now.

Where can you buy a barrel for a baikal shotgun izh27?


Baikal izh 27 barrel choke types?


How do you select the barrel to fire on a Baikal superimposed shotgun?

On the Baikal/Remington SPR 310 O/U, you simply push the trigger forward to select the top barrel, leave it alone to have the bottom barrel fire first.

Where can you find a cleaning manual for a mp 153 baikal shotgun?

Cleaning instructions start on page 20 of the owners manual which is available at the following link.

How do you get parts for a mp153 shotgun?

Parts for these shotguns are hard to find. EAA Corp carries parts for Baikal shotguns. A good gunsmith might also be able to help make some parts.

How much is a used bailkal model mp135 worth?

Remington Arms bought out Baikal firearms. A new Baikal model MP153 12 gauge shotgun can be purchased for $489.99 at Southern Trading Company and Pawn located in Bainbridge, Georgia (Contact Edwin McCullers at 229-248-0024).

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