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first you have to remove the cooling fan,the serpentine belt, and then the pulley. You should be able to see the water pump. you should also drain the radiator. remove the hoses from the pump.remove all the bolts that connect the water pump to the block. then where the water pump was make sure there is no gasket material left, if there is scrape it off. dry everything. take permatex sealent and outline the edges and boltholes of the water pump.put the gasket on the pump lineing up all the holes correctly. then take the permatex sealent and outlinte the gasket with it like you did with the pump.line up the pump with the bolt holes on the block and put one or two on to hold it there.keep the pump pressed against the block to ensure proper sealing . put all the bolts back in and tighten. then put back on all the hoses, pulley,cooling fan, then the serpentine belt.

let the truck sit for a couple of hours to let the sealent cure. then replace any antifreeze lost with a mixture of 50% water and 50% antifreeze. you probally have orange antifreeze that is called dexacool. you can't mix colors of antifreeze. use only dexacool or like antifreeze, if yours is orange. run the engine as with the radiator cap off as this will let any traped air out of the system. check level of antifreeze often. add the antifreeze to the radiator till full. then top off overflow jug

I use the Haynes Chevrolet S-10 & Sonoma Pick-ups book, which covers 1995-2001 Blazers and Jimmys. The ISBN number is 1-56392-447-1. The chilton's manual is also supposed to be really good.

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Q: Where can you get a manual to help you change the water pump on a 1996 GMC Jimmy?
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