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Where can you get an I.Q. test?

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Your friendly local library.

Any license psychologist can do it. Also most schools have counselors and they could theoretically could do it. Find out information from your guidance counselor (In the USA) OR any person responsible for student orientation)

If its an adult, you may check mental health counselors, psychologist, or even your family doctor could refer you to someone.

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Where can someone take an intelligence test online?

Online intelligence tests include Intelligence Test, IQ Test, Lumosity, Free IQ Test, IQ Exam, Mensa-Test, IQ Test Center, G IQ Test, Quick IQ Test, and Wiz IQ.

How do you test your IQ by yourself?

How do you test your iq by yourself?

What score do you need to pass the IQ test?

You don't 'pass' an IQ test. An IQ test shows what you know.

Where can you find a IQ test?

If you go on to Google and type in IQ test ot IQ test for children/adult you can have your IQ test done. It is very good hope this helps

How do you test IQ?

find an IQ test anywer online

What is the IQ test primarily for?

The IQ test measures intelligence.

How you can identify your IQ?

do an IQ test

How can you know your IQ?

Take a valid IQ test or some sort of standarized test that corresponds to your IQ.

If you get 92 on an IQ test how smart are you?

If you get 92 on an IQ test how smart are you? no

What IQ test did Shikamaru take?

a normal Japanese IQ test

What if you fail the IQ test?

If you fail an IQ test, you might be Obama.

How high can you get on a IQ test?

Not all IQ tests are the same.I just finished the IQ test and I got IQ of 131, however when I did Mensa IQ test it was 134.You should try multiple tests to get the most accurate IQ score you can.

What is an average IQ test score?

the average IQ test score is 100.

Is there an IQ test for someone with ADHD?

No; there is no separate IQ test for those with ADHD.

What is the top mark in an IQ test?

The top score for an IQ test is 200.

How is IQ calculated?

Through an IQ test.

How do you know your IQ?

By taking an IQ test

How do you get IQ number?

You take an IQ test.

Question test IQ?

wat is IQ

What are the names of IQ tests?

IQ test

Where online can I find a free IQ test?

You can take a free IQ test online at also offers a free IQ test.

What is an IQ and how is it IQ measrued?

Your IQ is your intelligence quotient. You can determine your IQ by taking a certain test. :)

Was the IQ test a rorschach test?

NO. IQ tests are different from Rorschach test. Altjough rorscahch assesses a few areas of cognitive development, it is not an alternative of IQ test batteries. IQ tests measure areas of verbal and performance intelligence , and a mean of it gives IQ of a person. while rorschach is a projective test.

IQ test questions?

IQ test questions are used to determine ones IQ. Many are growing or trick questions as some ones IQ does not change so the test is not based on memorization of facts.

Is an IQ of 80 good?

An IQ of 90 to 100 is considered average. The accuracy of an IQ test in the determnation of real intellegence is debateable however. All an IQ test can determin is how good you are at taking a test.