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Any Auto Parts Store.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-26 15:57:43
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Q: Where can you get bulbs for 1988 Chevy eurosport celebrity?
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What causes a 1988 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport to stall in overdrive at low speeds?

not downshifting.

Does anyone have a 1988 Chevy Eurosport celebrity stereo diagram?

I have the stereo out of a '90 Eurosport wagon if that will help - I already scrapped the car.

Why doesn't a 1989 Chevy Celebrity have cup holders?

Other than the 1987 and 1988 Eurosport VR versions I am unaware of any Chevy Celebrity with cup holders.

Where is the blower motor located on a 1988 Chevy Celebrity eurosport?

If you are asking about the heater blower motor it is mounted to the heater ducting in the engine compartment on the passenger side.

What is the wiring diagram for an 1988 Chevy Celebrity stereo?

what is the wiring diagram for an 1988 Chevy celebrity stero

Where is the starter on a 1988 Celebrity located?

The starter on a 1988 Chevy Celebrity is located on the bottom of the block at the bellhousing.

Where is the fuel pump location on 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity?

The fuel pump on your 1988 Chevy Celebrity is in the fuel tank.

Where is the fuel filter in a 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

The fuel filter in your 1988 Chevy Celebrity is on the driver's side behind the rear wheel next to the fuel tank.

88 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport has this hard hose type thing off to the top middleish right side that goes into the engine came out and broke what is it and how is it replaced?

I don't know what the thing you speak of is, it doesn't sound like something either of my 1988 Chevy Celebrities have. I would suggest that you go to a wrecking yard and see if you can find your replacement there. It doesn't have to be from a Eurosport as long as it is the same engine.

How do you set the timing on an 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

The 1988 Chevy Celebrity uses distributorless ignition. There is no provision to alter timing, the engine control module takes care of that.

What is the compression for a 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

100 lb or above

Where is the fuel pump on a 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

In the fuel tank

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