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Numrich Arms Gun Parts Corporation, 226 Williams Lane, PO Box 299, West Hurley, NY. 12491 ( Orders Only, 845-679-2417 )Customer Service 845-679-4867 Or get them on the internet- They have a huge catalog for maybe 12 dollars or so, has over a thousand pages in it of all kinds of firearms and other valuable information such as a cross reference to "store brand" names like Western Field and Sears, who made these guns. It is not about Stevens only, they have parts for all of firearms. Their web page has info. on parts, go to "gunsmithing" might get you there for parts like this.

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Q: Where can you get parts for a 16 gauge Stevens 94c?
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Stevens Model 94C Shotgun 28 Gauge age and worth?

Stevens 94c single shots are only worth about $100 to $150 in 12, 16, and 20 gauge, but 28 gauge guns regularly go for $300 to $400, depending on condition, due to rarity. Sentimentality may factor into the higher price as well. The first shot I ever fired was from a Stevens 94c 28 gauge. I consider the Stevens single shot design superior to any other brands, including Winchester. It has attractive lines and handles beautifully. This gun in 28 gauge, to me, is the best model and gauge to start a kid on by far! The 410, which kids used to start on, is considered an experts gun and rightly so. Real tough for a beginner. But the 28 gauge strikes a perfect balance. I wish someone would make an exact replica of the Stevens 94c in 28 gauge as I think it would contribute to getting young people into the shooting sports. Stevens guns are difficult date since most have no serial numbers. Stevens 94c was manufactured from the 1930's to the 1980's. If it does have a serial number it was made after 1968.

How do you determine the choke of your 16 gauge Stevens Model 94C?

Most were full choke, but the only accurate to determine the choke is to measure the inside diameter of the muzzle with a caliper.

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Where can you find parts for a stevens 58 16 gauge?

i would start my search at numrich gun parts corp.

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How old US a Stevens savage model 530a 16 gauge

Stevens model 77c 16 gauge pump?

Stevens Model 77C comes in 16 Gauge . Made in the 60 -70s

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16 gauge Stevens shotguns?

Yes, they were made.

Who manufactured the Wards Western Field Model 52 SD51A 16 gauge side by side and where can you buy parts for it?

It's a Stevens, and we have parts.

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value of a 107B 16 gage

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