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It's way down in the engine compartment to the forward right of the engine (from the driver's POV). It should have a yellow looped handle.

Yes, adding fluid (if it needs it) is crucial to not only smooth gear transistions, but to prevent grinding your transmission down to a useless state. If you look where the transmission dipstick should be and see an empty hole, you've lost it. These things tend to sit loosely, and a shifting problem can be caused from consequently losing all your AT fluid.

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2008-09-25 19:51:39
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Q: Where can you locate the transmission dipstick in a 1993 Honda Civic and if you were to changeadd more transmission fluid would it help smooth automatic gear change?
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How do you change the transmission fluid of Automatic Ford Falcon EF 1994-1995?

Through the dipstick Through the dipstick

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Is it possible to change a manual transmission in a 2004 Honda civic to a automatic?

Yes, you'd have to find the stock automatic transmission for your year and engine size, the stock automatic brake pedal assembly, and miscellaneous small things like transmission fluid, the transmission dipstick tube, linkages, etc.

Does a 2004 Ford Explorer xlt have a automatic transmission dipstick and if it doesn't is the fluid good for the life of the transmission?

No to both questions. You still need to change the fluid, even though there is no dipstick. To Reply to the above answer, YES there is a transmission dipstick. It is right next to the coilpack. Look behind the engine, to the left, it is right next to where all your Ignition wires plug into. It is yellow I believe, and a little hard to see because it is down a couple inches from eye engine level. Answer The first answer is correct , the 2004 Ford Explorer 4 door does not have an automatic transmission dipstick ( Helpfull )

What do I need to change a manual to automatic transmission?

A parts car like yours with an automatic transmission.

What kind of transmission fluid do you put in your 2004 ford excursion?

According to the 2004 Ford Excursion owners manual : For the 4R100 , 4 speed automatic transmission ( Motorcraft MERCON ATF - automatic transmission fluid ) For the TORQSHIFT , 5 speed automatic transmission which includes a remote filter element change ( Motorcraft MERCON SP ATF ) check the end of the transmission dipstick to confirm fluid type

Where do you fill an automatic transmission for a 1989 240 sx?

You fill it through the dipstick hole (the red dipstick) the transmission has a drain plug on the dirvers side but it is much easier to do it through the dipstick hole. if you go to any autoparts store they will have a funnel (usually red) with a long neck and a narrow opening this funnel is made to fit in the dipstick hole. PS: MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE YOUR DIFFERENTIAL OIL WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR TRANS FLUID; its not required but you should change it at the same time.

How do you change the automatic transmission filter in a Mitsubishi pajero io?

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Change transmission fluid on 97 Lincoln Continental?

You have to drop the whole transmission pan, then refill from the transmission dipstick

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How do you change the transmission fluid on a 1999 Toyota Solara?

Look for a transmission hose line on the radiator, you can unplug it, run the engine and pour new transmission into where the tranny dipstick is at the same time it drains from the hose. Get ready, you'll need about 10 litres of the right automatic transmission fluid type too. check the tranny dipstick to see what kind of atf fluid it needs.

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