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Where can you obtain a wire diagram for a 1997 Kia?


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2008-04-14 23:01:13
2008-04-14 23:01:13

Will this help?? It didn't post the diagram, but it is here. You may need to create an account to see it properly. Don't knoqw if it will help or not.

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Ask your Kia dealer parts department to fax the diagram to you. Turn on your fax machine.

Wiring diagram for a 2004 Kia carnival.

A diagram of the motor, in your 2002 Kia Sedona, can be obtained from most Kia dealerships. The diagram can be found at most auto-parts stores.

go to, type in make and model (ie 1997 Kia Sportage) there are several sites that will be available for different issues. gf

The 2002 Kia Sportage electric window wiring diagram is a picture of the wires and how they are connected. The wiring diagram can be obtained from most Kia dealerships.

where is the horn for a 1997 kia?

You can find a AC pressure switch wiring diagram, for your Kia Sedona, at your local Kia dealership. You can also find the diagram at most auto-parts stores.

Get a wiring diagram from MOTORLIT.COM

The wiring diagram for the 2007 Kia Sportage is a diagram that shows the location of all of the electric connections. The diagram indicates wiring colors and where each color ends.

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how many spark plugs are in a 1997 kia?

if you can tell me where the VSS wire is located,say brake module, radio etc. i have complete wiring diagram that's 15 pages long,and can track it.

the vin number on a 1997 kia sportage is stamped on the right hand chassis rail just behind the start of the right front door facing outwards . you might need to clean with a wire brush

I need to find on a service manual for a 2001 kia spectra. Or at least find a diagram of the fuse boxes in a 2001 kia specta.

There is a diagram under the related links.

The twin cams on a 1997 kia sportage turn clockwise.

You can find a diagram of an intake manifold for a Kia Sportage at major auto parts stores. You can also find it in repair books at the library.

i have a 2003 kia how u turnup it or .

i have it in here under 2000 kia sportage,look there. it is the same.

i like to know if there is a diagram or video to change spark plugs on a 2000 kia sportage if there is where can i find it?

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