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  • A great place to find a dog to adopt is
  • If you are looking for a particular breed type in: "information on Pitt Bulls" or whatever breed you prefer. If you want to adopt an animal then I highly suggest that (some beautiful animals there) then ask Google: "ASPCA for_______________" put the name of your city or town in.
  • You can view on petfinder ask Yahoo AOL Google animalplanet and shows on TV. or pet magazines

Please consider going to your local humane society or looking on-line at or do a search under any breed specific rescue organization. In a lot of cases, rescue organizations partner with prisons that train the animals to be house broken, walk on a leash and also work out any behavioral problems the dog might have. Pet surrender is at an all time high due to the recent economic downturn. Please help the helpless animals waiting for a good home in shelters everywhere.

A good place to look for pets is paws and claws.

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Q: Where can you view dogs on the Internet?
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