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Where could a 92 S-10 2.8 ltr. V-6 be leaking if oil is coming from back of the engine down the transmission?


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2005-09-16 13:26:08
2005-09-16 13:26:08

You need a new intake manifold gasket. Its a very common problem with the 2.8 On the back side of the motor is an oil pump drive gear that is driven by the cam. On older engines this is were the distributor would set. Like a distributor there is an O ring on the shaft its probly hard as a rock and cracked allowing oil to leak by. Good Luck


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Could be leaking transmission fluid.

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green fluid is engine coolant. as this is showing up near the transmission this could be leaking from the head gasket or from a freeze plug. you will just have to trace back where it is coming from remember there are freeze plugs behind transmission which are not viible while transmission is in vehicle

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If it's leaking transmission fluid, could be a bad pump seal. If it's leaking engine oil, could be a bad oil filter, leaking valve cover gasket, leaking intake manifold gasket, leaking oil pressure sender, leaking distributor gasket.

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If it runs empty transmission failure If it is leaking on hot part of engine or exhaust - fire risk If it is leaking near tire track loss of traction could occur

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