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Alexander the great was from Macedonia.

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The name of Alexander the Great's child was Alexander IV of Macedon.

everyone is someones child

somewhere between 323B.C.

Alexander the Great, or Alexander III of Macedon (Alexander Karanid) did indeed have a family of his own. He was married to Roxana Bactrian Karanid and together they had one child, a son, '''Alexander '''"Aegus" '''Karanid '''IV. Alexander the Great also had four siblings, nieces and nephews and so on.

Alexander the great lived until he was 33. He got sick and after some weeks he died.

Alexander the Great lived in the HELLENISTIC AGE.

he was a Greek teacher and philosopher and taught Alexander the great as a young child.

Alexander The Great attacked Persia so he could live out his father's dream... (his father was phillip the second) hope this was help...

in the late 1700s and the early 1800s alexander graham bell did his great inventions of the tellephone.

Alexander The Great was probably good, because he tried to make all the land he conquered live in peace, but that didn't happen. Considering he is called 'the great' I would assume not.

He was more into war then really playing any sports

Alexander the Great was taught by Aristotle, a famous teacher of his time, but he didn't study with anyone. Aristotle taught him astronomy, poetry, persuasive speech, writing, etc...

Alexander IV of Macedonia who was the son of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great did not get married.

what was Alexander the great plans

he lived (in his early life) in the city called Pella

Aristotle was a teacher of Alexander the Great.

Yes, Alexander The Great was an explorer

Alexander III (Alexander the Great)

Alexander the great was Greek.

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia.