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Where did Islams originate?

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acording to Islam, islam stared with the first profit, adam (pbah). in Saudi Arabia. but according to many sites and other opinions islam started with muhammad

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"Islams" worship in a masjid.

the number of Islams in north America is 746793279.

fyi: people who follow Islam r called Muslims not Islams

It is Mekka in saudi arebia. Mekka is where the Islams go to worship Allah their god. It is a big Octagon shape where all the islams go to,islams also visit profit mohammad's grave in saudi arebia

Islams aren't worshiped. They worship Allah s.w.t. In Islam, He is the creator of all.

The percentage of Islams in EGypt is 90% (99% Sunni and 1% Shiite)

Die Welt des Islams was created in 1913.

The book related to the Bible but is for Islams is called the Koran or how it is spelt in Arabic the Qur'an.

Islams is the wrong word. It's Muslims. They believe in Allah the almighty and his messenger Muhammad (s.a.w)

followers of Islam are called Muslims (not Islams), and there are one billion Muslims and still growing

the juadism live near ejypt and Babylon the Islams live in saudia Arabia by Christine combs

There no wording called Islams. The religion is called Islam and the followers of the Islam religion are called Muslims.

They are called Imams.

First of all, they arent called Islams they are called Muslims. And they worship one God! Allah is the Arabic word for God!

First of all it is not Islams its muslims.there are 5 pillars of Islam. the Christians have 10 commandments. this is like our 10 commandments.

Muslims are everywhere today

they celebrate ramadan. and Eid.

There are no festivals for Islam as such, but we do have our Eid's.

Anything we typically wear!

It is hajj (or pilgrimage).

No, their God is Allah

The orginal language is Arabic

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