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Martin Luther King made his speech in Washington D.C in 1963. It was held there at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28.

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Martin Luther King did not make a speech. However, his son, Martin Luther King Jr, delivered a speech called I Have a Dream.

martin Luther king made a speech because he wanted to end racism.

Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous speech in 1963

On 3rd April, 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. made a his "I Have A Dream" speech.

Martin Luther King Jr. made the big speech to end segregation and racial acts. His father was not famous. When people refer to Martin Luther King, they're usually referring to Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr delivered his I Have a Dream speech on August 28, 1963.

Martin Luther-King used metaphors in his speeches to make them more meaningful.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC was where Martin Luther king Jr. gave this famous speech on August 28,1963 .

Martin Luther King Jr. made his "I have a dream" speech because he was fighting for the rights of the African American people.

Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech makes me feel empowered and hopeful.

Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous state in Washington DC, Maryland

He has a dream for America and we will make it to the "Promise Land".

The authorities and the constitution allowed him to make the speech

The "I Had A Dream" speech

Martin Luther King, Jr. made his last speech, I've Been to the Mountaintop, on April 3, 1968, one day before he was assassinated.

His speech did not change but the speech changed the world. His speech was to make the white and black people friends. And he did this by one speech.

He was trying to show the problems blacks faced.

If you are asking about the famous "I have a Dream" speech, it was made in Washington D.C. in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

how did martin luther kink to make money

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