Where did coconut trees come from?

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Coconut tree originated in the South Pacific. Nowadays they can be found in all parts of the world with a tropical climate. (A tropical climate is defined as a non-arid climate in which all twelve months have mean temperatures above 64.4 °F / 18.0 °C).
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Why are coconut trees called coconut trees?

It is thought the word comes from Spanish/Portugese coco - "grinning face" - from the three 'eyes' in the shell which might appear to resemble a human face.

Do coconuts grow on trees?

Yes. Coconuts grow on trees. Coconut Palm trees grow in the tropics usually near sea shores. Coconuts are the seeds of the coconut tree. Coconuts can float and if they fall into water can survive over a month before they wash up on shore. That way they can spread from one shore to another. Coconut ( Full Answer )

Where does a Coconut Tree live?

A coconut tree can only grow in tropical weather, ex. Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba etc.... But you can also grow your own in a green house but it will still not grow the proper way.

How long can the coconut tree live?

If it is maintained well it can live up to 110 years. Trust me, when my grandpa was a little boy he planted a coconut tree and took good care of it. then he passed away in 1960 by then the tree was 103 years old and my grandpa was 107! (healthy man!) and now i am taking care of it and it is about ( Full Answer )

Adaptations of coconut tree?

When someone try to hurt them they drop their coconuts on them and nock them ou!

What are the uses of the coconut tree?

It has many uses.It is used to make stick broom.Coconut milk from the mature coconut is used to make virgin coconut oil,these can help prevent and treat minor ailments

Where in the world can you find coconut trees?

The coconut tree fleurish mostly in the tropical climate regions of the planet South Asia, Pacific, Africa and Latin America. Fossils found in New Zealand show that there were coconut trees as long back as 15 million years ago

Where does coconut come from?

Kenya and other hot countries. not England :-D Kenya and other hot countries. not England :-D

Adaptation of coconut tree?

Coconut trees have adapted to be able to survive in humid and hotconditions. They are also able to grow in soil that is not idealfor crops.

Where the coconut come from?

Coconuts grow in Palm Trees, and they grow in hot, tropical climates like the Caribbean. They can grow in the meditteranean, or even slightly north of the Meditteranean but they need care. They can't grow in Britain where I live.

How do you need to plant of a coconut tree?

you get a coconut seed dig a hole put the seed in the hole put the dirt back on top of the seed and poor water and the sun will do the rest.

Is a coconut tree a gymnosperm?

\n. A coconut tree is a monocot because the vascular bundles are scattered throughout stem. The stem is filled with moisture (water). It is a flowering plant because it produces a fruit.

Can a coconut tree grow in Orlando?

I know they grow very well near the coast in brevard county, but I'm not so sure about inland like in Orlando where its a bit nicer

Is coconut tree do not have branches?

Most coconut trees do not have branches, but there are rare sports that appear now and then, which do. There is one that is a bit of a tourist attraction in Tonga and i am told there is at least one other in Solomon Islands.

Do African palm trees have coconuts?

First of all there are different kinds of palm trees. Palm describes the characteristic shape of the leaves of these trees. We have the Palm oil tree as well as as the coconut palm tree and others..

How do you get a coconut off a tree?

you can climb the tree (see the link below for how to do that). I'm training myself so i can climb palm trees. its tough, and irritating at times, but u feel very accomplished afterwards. another way is to try your luck by throwing rocks at it and hoping they fall. and finally, get a ladder if ( Full Answer )

How do you destroy coconut tree?

well i would suggest plastic explosive (c4 would be best) however i think it would be best if you informed the local authorities as to what you are about to do as they may not like the idea. If they do however about 100 lbs of explosive should be used. Place it behind the coconut tree away from the ( Full Answer )

Why is a coconut tree useful?

uses of coconut trees:- . Coconut milk from the mature coconut is used to make Virgin Coconut Oil, VCO can help prevent and treat minor ailments. . Coconut oil is also used as hairdressing and as massage oil. . Coconut meat is shredded or flaked for use in baked goods or candies. . The dried m ( Full Answer )

What is the adaptations of a coconut tree?

Sea water does not kill the round seed inside the air-filled, fibrous husk. Coconut seeds are able to immediately germinate, they require no dormancy or treatment to cold or cracking to sprout. Wherever the coconut rests, the milky water inside the seed provides ample moisture to sustain the seedlin ( Full Answer )

What is the use of fruits of the coconut tree?

Botanically the coconut fruit is a drupe, not a nut. Like other fruit it has three layers : exocarp,mesocarp and endocarp. The exocarp and mesocarp make up the husk of the Coconut.

Is coconut a peanut or tree nut?

Botanically the coconut (meaning the fruit) is a drupe, not a true nut. Like other fruits it has three layers : exocarp, mesocarp, and endocarp. The exocarp and mesocarp together make up the husk , and the mesocarp is composed of fibers called coir. Coconuts sold in the shops of non-tropical count ( Full Answer )

What is the phylum of the coconut tree?

It is a plant (kingdom Plantae ) but the clades overlap. The likely phylum would be Anthophyta (aka Angiospermae , flowering plants, including monocots such as palms).

Parts of a coconut tree and their functions?

There are many parts of a coconut tree that have useful function.Some of those are the coconut roots which can be boiled and used asa beverage. The trunk of the coconut has durable wood for makingfurniture. The shell of the coconut can be used as charcoal forcooking. The husk of the coconut is an el ( Full Answer )

Why are coconut trees important?

coconuts are important because they give us water to drink and coconut oil for our hair also u could build things with it

Why are there no coconuts in palm trees in Florida?

There are. I had 3 big coconut palms in my yard and they got so many coconuts that a couple times Hispanic landscapers from Miami stopped and asked if they could have the coconuts. One guy wanted them for tropical drinks at his nieces wedding reception. The reason you don't see many is that most pla ( Full Answer )

What are the diseases affected the coconut tree?

The Coconut palm is vulnerable to a couple deficiencies. Boron, manganese, magnesium and potassium deficiencies can effect this palm. Nutritient deficiencies are first noticeable in the yellowing around leaf edges and stunting of the growth rate. In bad cases and if something is not done the Coconut ( Full Answer )

Why does coconuts grow on trees?

because they are too heavy as a single fruit and much more as a cluster. if they are fruits of vines and shrubs they will easily snapped or fall off. Coconuts grow on coconut palms because they are the fruit of the aforementioned tree.

What are the special features of coconut trees?

Not considered a true tree, it has no bark or branches, but ratheris one large stem, slightly larger at the bottom, topped with agrowth of large leaves called fronds. When mature, a coconut palmcan reach 60 feet in height and its feather shaped leaves grow 18feet long and 4 feet wide. The spineless ( Full Answer )

Why do coconut crabs live in trees?

Coconut crabs do not live in trees they live in borrows under trees. The reason they go up in the trees is to retrieve the coconuts up there. After the get the coconuts down they open them with their powerful claws and eat the coconut.

What are the edible parts of coconut tree?

The coconut bears several edible parts and one drinkable that iknow of so far, the coconut itself which contains the sweet waterand also the white fleshy innards of an un ripe coconut (sweet andsoft) or much mature coconut (more husky and brown) which has amuch harder innard (more for curry, oils, m ( Full Answer )

What is the maximum height of a coconut tree?

Tall Coconut Palm . The tall coconut palm is the more common of the two types of coconut trees when it comes to the commercial use of the tree. These palm trees have a swollen trunk at the base that rises, usually in a curve. It has smooth bark that is light gray in color. All of the trees' leave ( Full Answer )

Can you consider coconut tree as a tree?

Absolutely. It is in the Plantae kingdom. We usually break this down to the gymnosperms (softwoods) and the angiosperms (hardwood). The hardwood family is broken down into the dicotyledons and the monocotyledons. All this means is that when the plant's seed is forming its embryo. if it has only on ( Full Answer )

What are the use of the roots of the coconut tree?

What Is Stoma,Guard Cells,And Chlorophyll? 1. Stoma- The Leaf Is The Major Site Of Photosynthesis. Leaf PartsMake Photosynthesis Possible. An Example Of This Part Is TheOpening Found On The Underside Of A Leaf Or In A Stem. ThiaMicroscopic Opening Is Called Stoma (Plural:Stomata). 2.Guard Cells- G ( Full Answer )

What phylum do coconut tree belong to?

Coconut palms are embriophytes (subkingdom) that are angiosperms (flowering plants) and spermatophytes (seed-producing plants). These are confusingly not shown as phylabut as clades that overlap and include several classes of plants.

When do coconuts fall of trees?

When those trees are of mature coconut variety... But why they chose when to fall is what I wonder about.

What are coconut palm trees used for?

Palm trees are used to produce food (coconuts). The coconuts can be consumed as a fruit, or the milk inside can bedrained and sold in tins as coconut milk. The coconut can also be used to make oil, biofuel, wax, aningredient in wine or the fruit can be compacted then chopped tomake what's called pa ( Full Answer )

What came first - coconut or coconut tree?

E ventually the coconuts come first as if it did not how would the tree go? The seed from the coconut itself produces the tree.Hope this helps .