Where did colonial leaders get the basis of their philosophy when it came to opposing Britain?

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It depends which colonial leaders are in question. For example, American colonial leaders were heavily influenced by John Locke and his follower Baron de Montesquieu. For example, Ghandi, the great Indian colonial leader, was heavily influenced by Jesus and Thoreau as well as by thinkers from the Buddhist and Jainist traditions.
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Who was the leader of Great Britain in 1550?

There was no Great Britain in 1550, Edward VI was ruler at this time.The state of Great Britain did not exist until the 1707 Act of Union . England as a country has existed at least since the reign of King Athelstan 937AD.

How far did the Germans came into Britain?

Even though there were plans to invade Britain, German Forces never physically touched Britain. The Battle of Britain was as close as they got.. k1pples - WWII Collector

Leader of Great Britain and Canada?

Great Britain and Canada each has a Prime Minister and is a constitutional monarchy. They do not share leaders but have ceremonial roles with royal names, terms and positions.

Leader of Britain in WW1?

Head Of State. King George. V. Prime Ministers. 1914-1916 Herbert Henry Asquith. 1916-1918 David Lloyed George.

What was the basis of the southern colonies economy?

actually it was NOT slavery. you see i was doing an online crossword puzzle and i had this question, " basis of southern economy during the American revolution" i put slavery and it was wrong! just trying to help : ) it was slavery It actually was exports=) i hope i helped you!

What evidence is there that the Romans came to Britain?

hadrians wall, roads, aquaducts, sanitation.... Also . Various Roman written accounts from the time of Roman rule.. but apart from that........... what did the Romans ever do for us ?. Julius Caesar landed in 55 BC. The Romans live in Britain for Hundreds of years..... as many years as from Tu ( Full Answer )

Why did the leaders of Mecca oppose the message of Mohammed?

Answer 1 Preserving Religious Plurality: Abu Sufyan and the Meccan Leaders opposed Mohammed because the religious plurality permitted in Mecca was critical for maintaining Mecca's important position along the Arabian trade routes. It was on account of the fact that Mecca was holy site for all Ara ( Full Answer )

Colonies of Britain?

The British empire had many colonies. Some of them had been penalcolonies. For example, there are America and Australia.

Why did loyalists oppose independence from B Britain?

There were probably a number of reasons, depending upon the circumstances of the individual, but the main reasons were that the individual was not unhappy with the circumstances of his life and, as a British subject, felt a strong sense of loyalty to Britain and the king.

How did Britain get its colonies?

It began with sending criminals to America to clear the jails, andwhen this was closed by the American revolution, other locationswere selected. The other avenue was by establishing tradingstations, mainly by the East India Company, which in time expandedand took control. Australia was occupied init ( Full Answer )

What was the philosophy of the May Fourth Movement leaders?

The aim of the May 4th Movement in China (1919) was to use Westernideas to eliminate imperialism and foreign control of theirregions. Though it renewed some sense of Chinese nationalism, itwas opposed by the traditionalists such as the Kuomintang. Itrepresented the earliest form of the movement of C ( Full Answer )

What was the date of the romans came to Britain?

Believe it or not, this is a difficult question to answer accurately. Julius Caesar first came to Britain in 55 BC and then returned the following year. Claudius invaded Britain and annexed it to the empire in 43 AD. In the almost 100 years during this time span, the Romans certainly had a presence ( Full Answer )

Who was the leader of Stoic school of philosophy?

Their are many leaders of the stoic school of philosophy but most people would agree it was Zeno of Citium because he was the first one and the creator of the stoic school philosophy.

Was it 1066 that the Normans came Britain?

Yes, it was 1066 when Duke William of Normandy successfully invaded.. The Normans had, however, been exercising power by marrying into the English royal family at various points and there were many Normans at the English court. Given that the Normans were descended from Vikings who settled in North ( Full Answer )

Why did lin oppose the opium trade with Britain?

The reason why Lin opposed the opium trade with Britain was becauseof opium abuse. There were already serious issues with it and Lindid not want to do anything to make them worse.

What leader did trotsky oppose?

In the 1920's, Leon Trotsky opposed the bureaucracy and policies ofJosef Stalin. As a result, he was removed from power in 192,7 anddeported from the Soviet Union in 1929. He found asylum in Mexicoand continued his opposition to the Stalinist government. He andmost of his family were killed on Stali ( Full Answer )

What effect did the Romans have on Britain when they came?

The Britain's were pretty barbaric. They didn't have any structure or any leaders at that point. When the Romans came they modernised Britain forever. They taught them about hygiene, about clean drinking water, sturdy pavements for them to use instead of muddy roads, more entertainment like bathing ( Full Answer )

Which confederate military leader opposed slavery?

Robert E. Lee is sometimes praised for being anti-slavery. It is true that he did not want his state of Virginia to secede, and if it hadn't, he would have been General-in-Chief of all the US Armies. But under the test (when he had to quit the service for two years to sort out his father-in-law's ( Full Answer )

Leon Trotsky opposed what leader?

Trotsky opposed Joseph Stalin and was expelled from the CommunistParty, exiled from the country and assassinated in Mexico for hisefforts. Soviet leader was responsible for the demise of theleading Soviet Marxist, Leon Trotsky.

Is Churchill a leader of Great Britain?

Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1940 until 1945 and again from 1951 until 1955. He also held other high political offices in the early part of the 20th century. He died in 1965.

How did nationalist leaders in Africa oppose colonial rule?

In the 1920s and 1930s African protests focused on local issues and remained within the boundaries of the ethnic units recognized by colonial rule. The Kikuyu Central Association (KCA), formed in 1924, began advocating the return of land lost to European settlement. One of the leaders of the KCA was ( Full Answer )

Leader of the stoic school of philosophy?

There were 7 successive leaders of the Stoic school, after which there seems only to have been prominent writers but no official leader. 1. Zeno of Citium 2. Cleanthes of Assos 3. Chrysippus of Soli 4. Zeno of Tarsus 5. Diogenes of Babylon 6. Antipater of Tarsus 7. Panaetius of Rhodes

Why were Jewish leaders opposed to Jesus?

There were several reasons the Jewish religious leaders opposed Jesus. They had gotten proud and arrogant, comfortable in their positions of honor (Matthew 23:5-7),viewing Moses and the Law as God's worship, adding their own traditions as they saw fit(Mark 7:5-8), wielding unjust authority and teach ( Full Answer )

What shows the philosophy mythology basis of 'Antigone'?

That the myth is presented through the argumentative interactions between the characters is what shows the philosophy mythology basis of "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.). Specifically, the play deals with the fate of Theban Princess Antigone. Antigone's story is told by way of a ( Full Answer )

How did English came to Great Britain?

It did not come to England it was made in England It was made up of a mixture of languages from Europe, French, German, Spanish e.t.c. Hope this helps

Who was the colonial leader of Egypt's colony?

It was later dual control due to the consequences of The Country's indebtedness to Europeans, it was controlled by France and Britain but the British finally took over of Egypt.

Why did bacon oppose the colonial government?

Bacon was a leader in the western part of Virginia and the government was dominated by easterners that asked to them do not settle in the forbidden lands.

What did the colonial leaders think about the prospect of war with Britain?

Colonial leaders, being from Britain themselves, were both against and for war against the British. The British was the premier superpower nation at the time. With a superior navy and army, there was no one that had the guts to oppose the Brits. But the colonial leaders knew that unless a war was to ( Full Answer )

What leader did Leon Trotsky oppose and was it effective?

Leon Trotsky opposed Joseph Stalin but it wasn't effective. Stalin managed to have Trotsky expelled from the Communist Party and then expelled from the country itself. In 1940, Stalin sent Russian agent Ramon Mercader to Mexico City, Mexico where Trotsky was living and murdered him. Meanwhile, nothi ( Full Answer )

Could wise leaders have resolved the differences between Great Britain and the colonies in 1775?

Wise leaders of any country or time period can always help avoid war to settle differences, but unfortunately the differences were becoming so great between Britain and the American colonies that war became inevitable. Unlike Spanish colonies where Spain often granted a large amount of local leaders ( Full Answer )

Why were Roman leaders were opposed to Jesus?

The Romans always had a very reasonable attitude towards the populations they conquered, allowing trade, religion, traditional ceremonies and all other aspects of life to continue just as before they took over control. The exception was when they considered anything or anyone a threat to their own p ( Full Answer )

How were the Irish treated when they came to Britain?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's family was very successful, but they mainly had ties to Edinburgh after leaving Ireland. Edmund Burke's family was treated quite well. So were the Archer-Shee family. Everyone loved the Irish because they were generally better-looking than other people, and were very self- ( Full Answer )

Who is the leader in Great Britain war?

Which war are you referring to? The British Empire was the largest empire the world has ever seen. There were many wars involving the British.. Re-ask the question with the missing information..

Why would loyalist have opposed independence from Britain?

Many simply saw rebellion as a violation of the law (if I rebel Iam a traitor). A number saw the revolution as a way to loseeverything they had, there were lawyers, judges, minorofficials....a successful revollution might mean the loss of theirlivelihood. One old generalization of the Revolution goe ( Full Answer )