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England, France, Scotland, Switzerland, Africa, and Britain, mostly from Africa & England.

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Did the American Revolution come before the french revolution?

The American revolution came before the French revolution

Where did most of America's colonists come from before the revolution?


Did the French and Indian War come before the American Revolution?

Yes, the french and Indian war came before the American Revolution.

Where did most American Colonist come from before the Revolution?

from asai

What does the term minuteman come from?

It is from the American revolution, when the British intruded Lexington and Concord, the Colonists only had about a minute to get all their weapons ready.

Did the French or American or Russian Revolution come first?

The American Revolution came first in 1776, followed by the French Revolution in 1789 and the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Did Renaissance or the French Revolution come first?

Renaissance before Revolution.

Did the Agricultural Revolution come before the Industrial Revolution?

Yes, the Agricultural Revolution preceded the Industrial Revolution.

Which is important of the American Revolution on other countries?

the american revolution inspired revolutions around the world in years to come

What is an important effect of the American Revolution on other countries?

The American Revolution inspired revolutions around the world in years to come.

Where did North American colonists come from?

The colonists came from England to settle in the new world. When they first arrived they were called pilgrims and later were called colonists.

Did the Daughters of Liberty become the Daughters of the American Revolution?

The Daughters of the American Revolution was formed in 1890 and did not come from any other group.

What was the most important effect of the American Revolution on other countries?

the American Revolution inspired revolutions around the world in years to come

What body of water did the colonists cross to come to north american?

The Atlantic Ocean.

Where did the final surrender of the british in the American revolution come at?


Did you get drafted for the American revolution?

The draft did not come about until WWI.

Did spies in the American revolution get paid?

Spies were paid during the American Revolution. Spies were paid for information and most of the their information didn't come cheaply.

Why did Marquis de Lafayette come to America?

He was interested in the American Revolution

Did the Mexican-American war come about as a result of a revolution in California?

No, the Bear Flag Revolution began because the Mexican American War was already a fact,

Whose name has come to mean traitor in the American revolution?

Benedict Arnold

Why was the revolutionary was revolutionary?

Revolution in this context has come to mean some governmental system is turned around to be radically different to what went on before. The American Revolution, The French Revolution, The Russian Revolution all produced systems which were radically different to whatever went before. A common feature of all those was a replacement of Monarchy by a Republic, which is a very different system of government. The English Revolution (Cromwell) was aborted by the Restoration of the King.

Where did New Jersey's colonists come from?

Where did New Jersey's colonists come from?

Did the idea of one person one vote come from the French Revolution?

No, that concept existed centuries before the French Revolution.

Did colonial come after the revolutionary?

No, before. The word colonial derives from colonies. Colonies are owned or ruled by a parent country. In the case of the American colonies it was England. After the revolution they were independent, that is, they were no longer colonies.

Where did the name loyalist come from?

Loyalists were American colonists who supported the English as opposed to Patriots who supported independence from England.