Where did potatoes originally come from?

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Potatoes originally come from South America specifically from the Andes mountains. They were brought to Europe by early Spanish explorers in the 1500's. They were slowly adopted as a staple because they can grow in many types of soil.

There are over 4000 kinds of potatoes, all cultivars that trace their origin to Peru and Chile.
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Where does the potato come from?

Though now cultivated throughout the world, potatoes originated in the Americas. Wild potato species still occur from the United States to Uruguay and Chile - and it is from

Where did potatoes originate from?

There are many types of root vegetable we might call "potato", from tiny wild potatoes found in the Great Plains of North America to sweet potatoes and the larger tuberous roo

Were do potato come from?

Potatoes, along with carrots, parsnips, turnips, radishes and several other vegetables, are edible roots.

What is the origin of potato?

The word "potato" is rooted in two Native American words: the Taino word "batata" and the Quenchua word "papa." The Spanish combined these words to make their own name for the

Where was the potato originally from?

Research in the field of genetic testing of various potato species suggests that the potato originates from a general area in southern Peru.
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Where did potatoes and pineapples come from originally?

Potatoes were thought to have originated in multiple locations. However, the origin in now known to the Southern Peru and extreme northwestern Bolivia. The Pineapple is a na