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Partial chronology of (WWII era) 941st FA Bn

The 941st FA Bn was a V Corps asset and not organic to any particular division. When the 941st landed at Omaha Beach V Corps assigned it to support the 1st and 2nd divisions. For a short period at Omaha (more specifically Caumont, France) the 941st was ordered to give support also to the British 30 Corps attacking Caan.

The list below ecompasses the time period for the Battle of the Huertgen Forest

Not sure when but the records say the 941st was attached in support of the 28th Division's efforts in the forest

Sept 2nd Bn moved to St. Christophe a Berry Sept 6th Bn moved to Chilly Sept 8th Bn moved to Bourseigne-Neuve, Belgium Sept 9th Bn moved to Villance Sept 10th Bn moved to vicinity of Tillets Sept 12 Bn moved to vicinity of Courtil Sept 13th Bn moved to Moved to Hemmeres, Germany Sept 14th First rounds fired in Germany Sept 17th Bn moved to moved to new position, cood 93.2-83.3 Sept 18th Bn moved to new position at Winterscheid, Germany Sept 22nd CO returned from hospital 5491 rds fired in September Oct 4th Bn moved to position SE of Honfeld, Belgium Oct 6th Hq Btry moved into Honsfeld Oct 15th Commenced 3 week tng program Oct 27th Bn moved to Bullingen, Belgium Oct 31st Bn moved to Venwegen, Germany - Now with 187th FA Grp 5070 rds fired in October Nov Nov Bn did not move during the month 15353 rds fired Dec 1st Bn moved to new position SE of Zweifall Dec 12th Bn moved to Monschau, Germany. Now back with 406th FA Grp Dec 16th Bn Hq & FDC left Monschau. Moved to cood 91.2-16.8 near Charlie Btry Dec 17th Remainder of Hq Btry moved here Dec 18th A Brty shelled, 75 to 100 rds. 3 casualties, 1 serious Dec 18th Bn moved to Eupen, Belgium Dec 19th Bn moved to Niveze, Belgium Dec 21st Bn moved to Cockaifagne, Belgium 15304 rds fired in December

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Q: Where did the 941st US Army Artillery unit fight during the battle of the Hurtgen Forest campaign in World War 2?
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