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Where did the Mormon trail begin and end?

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The Mormon Trail began in Nauvoo, Illinois and ended in Salt Lake City Utah.

first of all where it began is correct and by the way it never ended i am a mormon but we do not put mormons as are church name we are know as the church of latterday saints

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The Mormon trail was first used in 1846-47 and stopped being used around 1870, when the transcontinental railroad came through.

Salt Lake City, Utah is considered the end of the Mormon trail.

Most pioneers set off on the Mormon trail from either Illinois or Missouri.

The Mormon trail was used between 1845 and 1869, when the transcontinental railroad was completed and therefore the trail was no longer needed.

Various groups crossing the Mormon trail left from different places. Most left from Missouri or Illinois.

The Mormon trail is the trail the Mormon pioneers took to have a better life.

The Mormon Trail ended in Salt Lake City, Utah. Originally, there was nothing at the end but an empty desert valley and a really stinky salty lake, but the pioneers began building a city, so that by the time people stopped traveling the Mormon trail (due to the railroad coming), there was a big thriving city at the end of thet trail.

The Mormon Trail ended in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. They built a city, and it later became known as Salt Lake City.

the best time to is in the end of spring

The Mormon Trail began in 1847.

Mormon Trail was created on 1978-11-10.

The Mormon Trail started in February 1846.

yes it did though some continued. The man who discovered gold in CA was Mormon

The Mormon Trail ended in Salt Lake City, Utah. From there, many Mormons were sent to colonize towns all over the west, while others stayed in the city.

It didn't end on any certain day. The Mormon trail was used exclusively for about 23 years (1846 to 1869) as the only route to travel to and from Utah. The railroad finally reached utah in 1869 and as train travel became more affordable, travel along the Mormon trail died out. Parts of the trail are still traveled today, as they have been paved and become major highways.

The Mormon trail and the organ trail

The Mormon Trail was the route, but it did travel on the Oregon trial too. :)

The Mormon Trail was in operation from 1846 to 1869, when the transcontinental railroad was completed.

The Mormon trail was used between 1846 and 1869. In 1869 the railroad from the east finally reached Salt Lake City, so many chose to travel that way instead.

The Oregon Trail began in Missouri and ended in Oregon City

The Appalachian Trail Begins in Maine and ends in Georgia.

It depends on the group or time period. The first Mormon pioneers left from Nauvoo, Illinois, but later groups left from Missouri or Iowa.

Oregon Trail & California Trail.

the Mormon trail extends from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah

Because it was the trail that lead to Salt Lake City. The Oregon trail went to Oregon, the California trail went to California, and the Mormon Trail went to Utah.

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