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Disney cruises

The three and four-day cruises depart Florida's Port Canaveral and visit Nassau (in the Bahamas) via Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. Seven day Eastern Caribbean Cruises stop at Castaway Cay on the way to St. Marten and St. Thomas. Western Caribbean Cruises are available two weeks per month. They include Key West, Castaway Cay, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

Cruises are purchased alone, or as part of a one-week package including three or four days at Walt Disney World. The package plans include theme park admission, meals, hotel and transportation between Walt Disney World and the cruise ship. If you're concerned that seven straight days of theme parks will be too much for the tykes (or their parents), a relaxing cruise may be perfect. Disney goes to every effort to make the cruise as stress-free and restful as possible, while still offering plenty of activities for young and old alike.

As of 11-9-09 There are more destinations. Disney will know be sailing in European destiantions. Like the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and England. There will also be Cruises to Alaskan destinations. There will also be cruises in the Panama Canal. But these are yet to come.

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Q: Where do Disney cruises go?
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Are the Disney cruises good for young children?

yes little children can go on disney cruises, I've been on one before

Does Expedia offer Disney cruises?

Expedia does offer some Disney cruises as part of larger travel packages. The best place to find a full list of Disney cruises will be on Disney Cruises's official site.

Where can Disney magic cruises be sought?

The best resource for finding Disney Magic cruises is the official Disney Cruise website. On this site, you'll find available cruises, destinations, rates, and more.

Can you use Disney Bucks on Disney Cruises?

Yes you can it's a part of Disney

How many Disney cruises are there?

there is four.

Where can you buy cheap Disney cruises?

One can buy cheap Disney cruises from the Disney Cruise website and the Mouse Savers site. The site has advice and information on searching for Disney cruises and onboard advice. Disney cruise line operates four ships which are The Disney Magic which launched in 1998, the Disney Wonder of 1999, the Disney Dream from 2011 and the Disney Fantasy which launched in 2012.

Have you heard anything about MSC Cruises?

I have never even heard of MSC cruises. As far as cruises go, the biggest line I've heard of are Carnival and the Queen Victoria lines. I've even heard more about Disney cruises than MSC.

What are the best cruises to Alaska?

Royal Caribbean Norwegian Pearl Carnival and Disney cruises.

Where might one find prices for Disney cruises?

Disney Cruises are offered from 3 nights up to 15 nights, and can include a stay at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida. Prices can be found on the Disney Cruise website as well as Expedia, Best Price Cruises, Travelocity, and Orbitz.

Are there group rates for Disney cruises?

Disney does not offer group rates, but you can search for adult discounts. is a bgood place to look for good deals for Disney cruises.

Can you honeymoon at Walt Disney World?

Absolutely! Disney has hotels and even cruises!

Does Disney offer cruises for singles?

Disney is often described as a family destination, but they do offer many opportunities for singles. Disney Cruise lines advertises cruises for singles on their site:

What do Disney Cruises have to offer that puts them above other cruises?

Disney Cruises are ideal for families with children. They have a multitude of activities to entertain children of all ages and can provide supervision so that parents can get adult time.

What are some kid friendly vacations?

For children ages 2, 5 and 10 years old, I would suggest a trip to Disney or for you to go on a cruise. Disney has something for everyone and is somewhere that is geared toward children. Disney also offers Disney cruises. There are also cruises by Royal Caribbean or Carnival (just to name two).

What are the best family cruises?

There are lots of family cruise packages available, and one of the best cruises is Disney Cruises, which specializes in family fun time cruises with lots of family activities.

Where can one catch Disney Cruises?

Disney cruises leave from and visit many sites and destinations. There are yearly excursions to Alaska, the Bahamas, Europe, and the Panama Canal, for example. Tickets are available for purchase through the Disney website.

What activities are offered on Disney Wonder cruises?

The Disney Wonder cruises offer many activities. On board alone, there are live shows featuring beloved disney characters, movies, adult-exclusive dining, and even a sports bar.

A ship that carries passengers on a cruise?

Some cruises are: Royal Caribbean Cruise Norwegian Jewel Princess Cruises Carnival Disney Cruise Line and Star Cruises.

What are some fun cruises from Disney cruise lines?

Personally, I think all Disney cruises are fun because they have so many to choose from. They offer cruises to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Canada, New England, and many other places. They even travel to Alaska!

Will Disney cruises be going to Jamaica in the future?

yes i think so

Can you compare prices on Disney cruises?

Yes, you can compare prices for Disney cruises. The prices will vary based on time of travel and type of cabin booked. You can compare prices online and through a travel agent.

Do you get discount Disney tickets with the Disney cruise?

No, because they are entirely different and you cannot usually intermingle the parks and the cruises.

Where do Disney Wonder cruises travel to?

The destination of the Disney cruise depends on the package you choose. There are a variety of options. Some go to Alaska, there is a New England cruise, and even one that goes to the Caribbean.

Who offers the best family cruises?

The best family cruises for families with young children are probably Disney Cruises. They have numerous ways to keep children entertained allowing their parents to relax.

What could someone buy Disney tickets for?

Disney tickets are available for a variety of activities, from a trip to Disney World or Disney Land, for a trip on Disney Cruises or even a ticket to use at the Disney Store.