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Bottlenose dolphins live in a wide variety of habitats. They are limited to warm waters around the world. They are one of the most widely distributed species of the world.

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Where does a bottlenose dolphin live?

Bottlenose dolphins live in the pacific ocean.

Does a bottlenose dolphin live in salt water?

Yes, a Bottlenose Dolphin would not survive in Fresh or Brackish water.

What group does a bottlenose dolphin live in?


Does a bottlenose dolphin live in a ocean?


What temperature does Bottlenose Dolphin live in?

the bottlenose dolphin lives in water surface temperatures of. 10*C to 32*C

What is the common name for the bottlenose dolphin?

bottlenose dolphin

Does a bottlenose dolphin have neck?

No a bottlenose dolphin does not have a neck

What eats a bottlenose dolphin?

a orca eats a bottlenose dolphin poor dolphin :(

How long does a bottlenose dolphin live?

They live up to 50 years.

Do bottlenose dolphins live in Jamaica?

yes... on several scuba dives, came across some bottlenose dolphin. don't see them often, but they are there. in ocho rios, they have dolphin cove, where they have bottlenose dolphin in captivity. (you can get in a pen with them and pet them)

What is the lifespan of the bottlenose dolphin?

Bottlenose Dolphins can Live to be at least 20 to 30 years old.

What is the kingdom of bottlenose dolphin?

The bottlenose dolphin is in the kingdom mammals

What zone does the bottlenose dolphin live in?

The most famous species of dolphin is the bottlenosed dolphin and lives in the coastal zone.

What type of waters does a bottlenose dolphin live in?

The rivers and oceans.

Which is smarter a bottlenose dolphin or an adult octopus?

the bottlenose dolphin is. by far.

How many babies can a bottlenose dolphin have in his lifetime?

they have babies a live they have babies a live

What is the difference between a bottlenose dolphin and a regular dolphin?

If by 'regular' dolphin you mean the common dolphin...: •Colour and markings. There are also two types of bottlenose dolphin, The common bottlenose and the genus...

What are bottlenose dolphins called if there female?

A female bottlenose dolphin (there is no special phrasing for a female bottlenose dolphin)

Does the bottlenose dolphin have any ancestors?

yes, the bottlenose dolphin had ancestors that walked on land long ago but now dolphins must live in the water or they will die.

What are bottlenose dolphin babies called?

Bottlenose dolphin babies are called calves

Which is smarter a bottlenose dolphin or an adult squid?

a bottlenose dolphin you stupid person

When was Common bottlenose dolphin created?

Common bottlenose dolphin was created in 1821.

What is the sientific name for a bottlenose dolphin?

Tursiops is the scientific name for the Bottlenose Dolphin.

What ocean does a bottlenose dolphin live in?

They live in all oceans including the Indian ocean. :)

Where does the Bottlenose dolphin live?

It lives in China and Australia and in Berlin aquarium

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