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Peacocks can live in many places like India, Pakistan, East Asia and Central Africa. Peacocks can live mostly anywhere unless they have the right enviroment and shelter.

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Q: Where do peacocks come from in the WORLD?
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Where do peacocks come from?

Peacocks come from hindi.

What country do peacocks come from?

Peacocks are native to southern Asia and Malaysia.

Which animal did peacocks come from?

Peacocks, originally peafowls are birds.Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataOrder:GalliformesFamily:PhasianidaeGenus:Pavo

Where can peacocks be found in the world?

Peacocks are found mainly in Asia.Peacock is the national bird of India.

How many peacocks in the world?


Where are peacocks from originally?

Somewhere in the world.............

What country do white peacocks come from?

White peacocks and peahens are the albino, or leucistic colour variation of peafowl. These are also from India and Pakistan, just like regular peacocks and peahens.

Where do baby peacocks come from?

Baby peacocks come from eggs. The mothers lay up to 5 eggs each time and hatch the babies just like other fowl.

Where in the World do Peacocks live?

In asia and england

How many peacocks are left in world?


Where in the world were peacocks first found?

in africa

Where does Peacock come form?

Peacocks and Hens originates from India

Here do peacocks live?

Peacocks, actually called Peafowl, come from India, Burma and Java. The male is the peacock and the female is called a peahen

Do peacocks need a bath?

well, peacocks need baths like ever thing else in the world. or else they stink.

How many peacocks are left in the world?

Poda thendi

What is the collective noun for peacocks?

Peacocks have multiple collective nouns; a muster of peacocks, a pride of peacocks, and an ostentation of peacocks.

Does a peacock live in the Amazon rainforest?

No. Peacocks originally come from India.

What is the collective noun for a group a peacocks?

Collective nouns for peacocks are a muster or peacocks or an ostentation of peacocks.

What are white peacocks?

the peacocks which are white in color are white peacocks

What do peacocks hate?

Peacocks hate when male peacocks spy on them.

Do all peacocks live in zoos?

yes peacocks have rainbow tails and live in zoos, mainly because in the ouside world they are hunted for their tails

How do male peacocks give birth to baby peacocks?

Male Peacocks are unable to give birth to baby peacocks.

Are only female peacocks called peacocks or are male peacocks till called peacocks?

Only male peacocks are actually called "peacock". The female of the species is called a peahen.

Are peacocks endangered or extinct?

They are endangered because there are still some out there in the world and in zoos across the world.

Can peacocks come in different colors other than blue?

Yes a green peacock