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Where do pet hamsters come from originally?

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The completely insane answers prior to this were all false and were either put here as a joke or out of ignorance.

Hamsters: Notice the scientific names, not all "Hamsters" are even the same species of animal. There are three distinct species of animal referred to as Hamsters: Cricetulus, Phodopus, and Mesocricetus.

Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster

Scientific Name: Phodopus campbelli

Were discovered by W C Campbell in 1902 in Tuva, Asia. They are native to the steppes and semi-arid areas of Central Asia, the Altay Mountains and northeastern China.

They were not as some sites claim, bred by Mr. Campbell from Russian and Syrian Hamsters nor any other "special breeding".

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster

Scientific Name: Phodopus sungorus

Similar to Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamsters. They can be found in Siberia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia and they are also known as Siberian Hamsters.

Syrian Hamster

Scientific Name: Mesocricetus auratus

Originate from Syria.

Roborovski Hamster

Scientific Name: Phodopus roborovskii

Originate around the Gobi Desert, throughout the desert steppe of Mongolia and in parts of Northern China. (Not widely available as they do not make good pets for children, they do not like to be held, they are very territorial and extremely fast.)

Chinese Hamster

Scientific Name: Cricetulus griseus

Originate from the deserts of northern China and Mongolia.

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Were do dwarf hamsters come from?

a pet shop silly

Where do all hamsters come from?

The hamsters we keep as pets are Syrian hamsters, and come from the Mount Aleppo region of Syria. A small colony was captured in the 1940s, and from them almost all pet Syrian hamsters come. They were originally imported into the US to Louisiana as research animals at a leprosy center. Various species of hamsters occur in many parts of the Old World. For example, in Europe there is the black bellied hamster. And we now keep as pets Siberian dwarf hamsters, which come, of course, from Siberia, where they tend to live in large colonies in the permafrost.

Do Chinese dwarf hamsters come from china?

Chinese dwarf hamsters are originally found in the deserts northern China and Mongolia, they are rare when it comes to pet hamsters. The reason that they are rare is because they can be hard to breed in captivity and they are restricted to own in most states within the United States.

Where do Syrian hamsters come from?

Syria or your local pet shop/breeder

Where did hamsters originally come from?

Eurasia; Syria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Manchuria.

Where do you find baby dwarf hamsters?

You can buy them at your local animal shelter like the SPCA or a pet store such as Pet Smart, and they are originally found in China, Russia and Mongolia.

What pet stores have hamsters?

all pet stores have hamsters at least all the ones i go to

If one sixth of the children have pet hamsters and one third of the children have pet fish and there are thirty children how many children have pet hamsters?

5. Hamsters are better no no children are

What are the smallest hamsters kept as a pet?

roborovski dwarf hamsters

Where do hamsters hibernate?

Hamsters don't hibernate. Well, pet hamsters don't. If you mean wild hamsters, then they might.

Where are hamsters from?

Hamsters are originally from South America After doing a report with my 2nd grade daughter we learned that it depends on the breed, but the come mostly from Asia. In particular Russia, China, Turkey and a lot of mention of Syria. The first domesticated hamsters were Syrian hamsters.

Where do you get hamsters?

At every shop that sells hamsters, and mainly at the pet shops.

What animal eats pet hamsters?

no animal eats pet hamsters because the inside of them tend to taste bitter and poisonous

Where the heck do hamsters come from?

hamsters come from their mamma hamsters i should know i breed them

Where to buy hamsters?

from the pet store!

Do pet hamsters need licenses?

No, they do not.

Are pet hamsters nocturnal?


Ware do you buy by dwarf hamsters?

You can buy dwarf hamsters at Pet Smart.

Do you need to bathe hamsters?

You do not have to bathe hamsters. You'll kill your own pet.

Where do you get teddy bear hamsters?

I have found them at my local pet shop with the other hamsters.

Are hamsters the best pet ever?

No gerbils are!! Though hamsters are quite cute!

Do hamsters hibernate and how?

No, pet hamsters don't hibernate, only wild ones.

Are hamsters more of a girls pet or guys pet?

girl pets

Are hamsters a boring pet?

not unless you know how to have fun with hamsters. most hamsters are fun when u get to know more about them

Should you get a 2 pet dwarf hamsters or 1 pet Syrian hamster?

2 dwarfs hamsters because they are good starter pets