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Where do you add transmission fluid on a 1994 Honda Civic?

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your best bet is check to see how much u have in your tranny then use a goose neck funnel Where do you put it in though?

2009-01-06 12:59:43
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What type of transmission fluid does a 1994 Honda civic take?

Honda Premium Formula or Dextron II

Will a 1994 Honda Civic transmission fit a 1999 Honda Civic?

5 speed yes....automatic no

Where would your transmission fluid be leaking from on a 1994 Honda Civic that's causing it to end up on your right front wheel and all under your car?

Answering "Where would your transmission fluid be leaking from on a 1994 Honda civic thats causing it to end up on your right front wheel and all under your car?"

How to put brake pads on a 1994 honda civic?

To put brakes pads on a 1994 Honda Civic, you will need Bleed brake fluid.

Can a transmission from a 1994 Honda Civic DX go in a 1994 Honda Civic EX?

What engines are they? If they are both D-series or bothe B-Series they will interchange.

My 1994 honda civic crank and cut off and want start?

If your 1994 Honda Civic is unable to start, the problem could be a connector that is not well fitted from the transmission installation, especially if you just replaced your transmission.

What type of transmission does a manual 1994 Honda Civic take?

S20 or S40

How do you put transmission fluid in a 1994 Honda Civic?

You add fluid the same place you check the fluid level. You will need a special transmission funnel. Be sure and use only genuine Honda ATF DW-1 fluid and no other fluid that claims to be compatible.

Does a 1994 Honda civic have a transmission cooler?

If it does, look for trans lines going to radiator.

Can a 1994 Honda Civic trunk fit a 2000 Honda Civic?

No it will not.

Will a 1994 Honda Civic engine fit in a 1993 Honda Civic?


Will a 1994 Honda Civic motor fit a 1992 Honda Civic?


Pictures of where to add transmission fluid in 1994 Honda Accord?

Does a honda accord 95 automatic have a transmition filter?

How do you replace abs wheel speed sensor 1994 civic VTi?

The speed sensor on a 1994 Honda Civic is located on top the of the transmission. To replace it unplug the sensor from the wire harness then the remove mounting bolts and assembly from the transmission.

Are Honda Civic lx engine 1994 and Honda Civic lx 1996are the same?

no, they are not

How do you replace thermostat on Honda Civic?

how do you replace thermostat on 1994 Honda civic dx

A complete wiring diagram for 1994 Honda Civic is?

what are the wires to power up the ecu on a 1994 Honda civic si

Can a 1994 Honda Civic radiator fit on a 1994 Honda Accord?


What type of brake fluid you should use for 1994 Honda Civic?

I recommend you use only genuine Honda Brake Fluid DOT3 but you can use another brand as long as it is DOT3.

Will a 2006 Honda Civic wing fit a 1994 Honda Civic?

no, 2006 Honda is wider by a few inches

Honda Civic brake lights stay on?

Brake light on 1994 Honda civic staying on.

Where is the transmission fluid located on a 1994 Intrepid?

transmission fluid is in the transmission

What parts are interchangeable between a 1991 Honda Civic and a 1994 Honda Civic?

Most of them should be interchangable

What automatic transmission fluid goes in a 1994 Acura Integra?

Honda Approved ATF or Dextron II

Bubbles on the transmission dip stick what does that mean?

I have a 1994 Honda accord and I checked my transmission fluid & it had bubbles on my dip Stick. What does dat mean??