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I will assume you have a manual transmission.Next get under your truck and look on the lhs and there will be a square plug on the side towards the engine.Remove this plug,and the drain plug is on the bottom,metric in size cannot recall the specific like 21mm or 23mm socket.So 1st step remove drain plug on transmission and (suggest driving truck) for 5-10 minutes to heat oil up,drains quicker.Now once fluid is drained,reinstall drain plug,and using a long tube with a long funnel put the tube into the fill hole,then slide funnel into tube(about 12-18inches on tube length) is good.A long funnel is about the same.This funnel will be sticking up inside the engine bay driver side right at the firewall with the hood open to fill!Now put at least 1 quart of gear oil in and remove tube end,and see if it runs over or you can feel the fluid with your finger.These trans hold aprox 1.5 to 2.0 quarts.Just add fluid and keep checking.You do not want to overfill so a good drip over the fill hole,or feeling the fluid with AT least 1.5 quarts is good.Just make sure it is full,and NO more than 2quarts.I use GL 4/5 75w90 gear oil and yes 80w90 is fine.The rear axle uses the same grade and coastal is the brand I use sold at advance auto or auto zone.In short funnel is filled w/hood open,drvr side and tried to get this all straight and make sense.

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Q: Where do you fill tramission fuild on a 88' Mazda b2200?
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Read you owners manual.. that's what its there for.

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Simply pull the handle out of the trans fuild filler port in the engine compartment and fill until the dipstick reads full. courtesy of

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How do fill the trans fuild on a 2011 hyundai tucson

What is the rear differential fluid capacity for a 2006 International 4300 truck?

Just fill the the rear differential will fuild comes out and your done.

How many quartz of oil to fill a Mazda b2200 5 speed transmission?

I'm guessing you're talking about 1985 through 1993? You will need about 4 1/4 quarts of GL-4 85w-90 transmission fluid. Or to the bottom of the threads on the filler bolt

Oil to use in the Mazda?

look at the oil fill cap

Do you fill a coolant tank on a Mazda Astina with water?

I believe that you fill it with coolant, as the tank's name suggests.

Where is the transaxle fill plug on a 1988 Mazda 323?

under the hood

How much does it take to fill a Mazda 3 up?

I have a 2006 Mazda 3 sedan 2.3 liter and my gas light was on last night, at 3.49 a gallon it took exactly $40.00 to fill it up.. *sigh*

Where is the transmission fill plug for the 2003 Mazda Speed Protege?

It goes through the dipstick..

How do you pull pilot bearing 1991 Mazda B2200?

I will answer this myself I tried every trick everybody told me I eventually rented a slide hammer puller designed for this. If you have a pilot shaft you can fill the pilot bearing blind hole with wheel bearing grease ( The old thick type works the best ). Then take the pilot shaft and drive it into the hole and it will push the old bearing out. YOU MAY HAVE TO FILL IT WITH GREASE MORE THAN ONCE. Good luck Jerry

Where is the starter on a 1994 Mazda Protege?

The starter, on a 1994 Mazda Protege, is located on the driver's side of the engine. It is just behind and to the right of the oil fill cap.