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Try the on line auction sites.

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Q: Where do you find the date ot manufacture and potential price for a 2503000 model 99 lever action rifle- serial number 610408?
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How is action potential generated?

How is action potential generated

Why does the action potential only move away from the cell body?

The areas that have had the action potential are refractory to a new action potential.

What was the effect of curare on eliciting an action potential?

It creates an action potential

How does a compound action potential differ from a single action potential?

A compound action potential consists of strings of neurons that are bundled together and sends out different action impulses. A single action potential can fire action impulses on their own, if stimuli is strong enough.

The action potential is generated when a stimulus?

When a stimulus stimulates a neuron above the threshold, the action potential is generated.

Why does curare create an action potential?

Curare does NOT create an action potential. It binds to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (which are primarily excitatory), and prevents the formation of an action potential.

Why does curare appear to generate an action potential?

It doesn't. I prevents an action potential from forming.

What is The conduction of a nerve impulse down the axon is called?

action potential

Describe the action potential the characteristics and the direction?

descibe the action potential the characteristics and the direction

Region where an action potential is initiated?

Action potential is initiated in the axon hillock region.

How is resting potential different from a action potential?

The resting potential is the neuron "normal" state. The resting potential is around -70 millivolts (mV). An action potential is generated when membrain is depolarization to the threshold value. The action potential often reaching as high as +100 mV.

What is the Difference between a receptor and an action potential?

receptor is a protein and action potential is the stimulation that continuous to depolarization

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