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Where do you get a diagram to the heating cooling system for the ductwork on a 91 beretta gt 3.1l 2 door?

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the only place to get that would be a g.m. dealership.

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Where can i get a Mercury mountaineer heating system diagram?

It is important to have a diagram when repairing a heating system in a car. A Mercury Mountaineer heating system diagram can be found in its maintenance manual that can be found at auto part stores.

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A diagram of a cars heating system can be found at most auto-parts stores. The diagram can also be found at the automobile dealership.

If I get a new hvac system, will they use the existing ducts?

So long as your ducts function properly the cheapest option is to keep them. In fact installing ducts is a very large portion of the labor costs and you'd probably have to remove the old ones. The one caveat would be if your old ducts weren't properly insulated you'd want to either replace them or fit them with insulation. It depends on the system you are having installed as well as the existing ductwork. Consideration will be given to the age and condition of the ductwork, whether it is up to code and whether it provides the most efficient and safe delivery of heating and cooling from your new system. In older homes, for example, the ductwork may have been used in conjunction with an oil furnace or a coal burning heating system. That ductwork would best be removed and replace with new, clean, efficient ductwork. Talk to the HVAC contractor for the best advice.

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