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Where do you go to get a loan when you have a repossession on your credit report?


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Having a good credit report means it will be easier for you to get loans and lower interest rates. Lower interest rates usually translate into smaller monthly payments. I can provide you loan, but what type of loan you want. Reply with you location that where you live.

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Your cosigner's credit report should also reflect the loan. In this case, it should show as paid on time as agreed.

Nope, that is why you had to be co-signer. The bank was concerned that the loan might go into default and they wanted to be protected. If you took on the obligation you will be held responsible.

Only on your CREDIT REPORT. DMV doesnt care how you got it or got rid off it, as long as ya dont steal it or sell before ya pay for it.

It is possible but not advisable to break a lease on a car. The car would be repossessed, and the repossession would go on your credit report.

If your power gets shut off and you go in and pay the bill current, did your power get shut off?

AnswerWhen you are undergoing credit counseling, some of your creditors may contact the credit bureaus and put a notation on your credit card report signifying you are going through credit counseling. This notation is neutral and does not affect your credit score in any way. Once you finish the credit counseling, this notation is removed from your credit report. Answeryes it does show up. also just a pointer when you go to geta loan and a banker or a loan officer looks at it it is a very bad thing to have it on your credit report. we lokk at it and see it as you can not mannage money well so why would we want to loan you money.

7 years if there is no "new action" on the particular account. "New action" means if you were to start paying on it or if the financier were to get a Court judgment on the loan. By the way.......A voluntary repossession (turning in the car before it go to collections) is the SAME as a regular repo. It will be listed on your credit in the same manner unless tou have negotiated a new termination clause wiyh the lender.

Yes, a bank loan will show up on your credit report if the bank you borrowed money from reports to the credit agencies (practically all of them do). If you need help cleaning up your credit go to for free sample letters you can use to send creditors and credit reporting agencies.

A repossession on your credit is NOT GOOD. Avoid it if there's anyway possible. You say the car is SOLELY in your name?? GO GET IT and sell it.

If you continue paying your bills on time and work on lowering your debt your score will start to go back up.

Before you apply for a mortgage you need to get an updated copy of your credit report to make sure the information on it is accurate. If you have applied for a loan and have been turned down, ask the lender why. They will go over your credit report with you to discuss any negative impacts on your report. If you cannot find a lender who will approve you for a mortgage, look into a FHA loan. These are a federally insured loan that usually only require a 2% down payment.

have poor credit need 5k personal loan where do i go

Will effect your credit report and probably go into collections. Prepare for phone calls now.

You can view your credit report online using the one official annual free credit report agencies. It is Annual Credit Report. Do not bother with the others.

You can check your credit report online. You should go to or or to check your credit report. It is easy to do.

There are many ways how a person can access or get a free credit report. There are websites such as, go free credit, free credit report, and credit report all offer free credit reports.

no that would be credit fraud and you would go to prison

You can go to to get a home loan

The first place one should go is to get their credit report and FICO score. Any loan you are going to get or apply for is based largely on your credit score.

you sould go to a local bank and ask for a credit report

One could get an instant credit report from many different places. One Stop Credit Report gives fast credit reports, as do Credit Karma and Annual Credit Report. These three sites are excellent places to go for an instant credit report.

It will be listed on the person's credit report. How it affects the report depends upon the amount co-signed for, the co-signer's personal debt-income-credit ratio, and if the primary borrower honors all the terms of the agreement, and other factors.

You can go online to apply for a mortgage at You can apply with any bank online. You will have to answer financial information and they will pull your credit report.

Credit Unions are usually the more favorable in regards to loan repayment terms and interest charges. However, the loan amount is likely to be small, if you need bigger loans you will need to go to a bank or bad credit lenders if you have a bad credit rating. One thing to remember here is to ask if the institution reports to the credit bureau. Some smaller credit unions will not report and will not help someone establish credit.

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