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Where do you put transmission fluid in a 96 grand am SE engine?


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The Transmission Fluid on a 96 Pontiac Grand Am SE is put into the filler tube on the left side of the engine. It runs directly into the top of the transmission and also contains a dipstick to check fluid levels.

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Be very careful NOT to put trans fluid in an engine ! - It goes down the tube that holds trans dipstick, into the transmission.

For a 1995 manual transmission grand am, the fluid capacity is 2.0 quarts for a complete drain and refill. The fluid type is 80W90 transmission oil.

You should drain the oil in the engine. Put engine oil back in the engine because the transmission oil is not made for engines and will hurt the moving parts of the engine if left in.

You put the transmission fluid into the dipstick where you check it, do it with the engine on, and on a level suface

Transmission fluid can be poured through the engine compartment on a Honda Accord. There is a dipstick and reservoir where the fluid can safely be placed.

You put the Transmission Fluid in the Transmission (fill point transmission drip stick tube) and the Oil (fill point Oil Cap) in the Engine.Hope This Helps.

transmission fluid and engine oil have separate dip sticks. The transmission fluid dip stick head as a rule is red. look for your transmission and then look for the tube

The transmission fluid for the automatic transmission is added through the automatic transmission fluid dipstick located to the passenger side of the engine near the firewall , use a funnel

It would be best not to put any transmission fluid in the engine. Really!! I'd never of guessed. I guess the clue is 'transmission and fluid' and that the fluid goes in the transmission!! the reason I put the type of engine was IOT assist someone with a realistic answer, I didn't expect for one minute the answer I received, but this is America!!

In the transmission fluid filler tube, usually located at the rear of the engine on the pass side

if you can see the dipstick you put it in there if not there will be a tank in the engine

There should be a container you pour it into in the engine bay.

If it's an automatic transmission , in the transmission fluid dipstick tube located near the firewall to the passenger side of the engine ( using a funnel )

through the transmission dip stick tube on the back of the engine on the passenger side.

If the engine dies when you shift to reverse (or any gear), then it could be low on transmission fluid. If this is the case, do not drive it or you could destroy your transmission, which is a very expensive repair. Get the transmission fluid problem (possibly leaking seals) fixed instead.

If you mean "in" the engine, as in "instead of motor oil," the answer's no. I guess you could probably put it on the engine, if you can explain why you'd want to.

Transmission fluid is a slippery liquid that acts as a lubricant for all of the moving parts inside your transmission. In an automatic transmission, this fluid also serves as a coolant and a viscous fluid that transmits power from the engine to the transmission. Motor oil is a lubricant used in internal combustion engine. they must be put in specific proportions.

The transmission is a good place and the fluid is normally installed by using the dipstick tube which at the rear of the engine near the firewall.

You put the Transmission Fluid in the Transmission (fill point transmission drip stick tube)

first you need to do a transmission flush then put the new fluid in. go to s shop and have it done and they may let you watch you just have to ask

Checking and adding Tranny fluid.There is a dipstick for the transmission fluid on all automatic transmissions, which is separate from the engine oil dipstick. The tube the dipstick sits in is the only place where fluid can be added. You will probably need the funnel with the really long, skinny neck, to be able to get the fluid into the tube. Be careful not to overfill the transmission, and be sure that you have the right kind of transmission fluid. The automatic transmission fluid level should be checked with the engine running, the transmission in Park or Neutral, and on a level surface. DO NOT PUT ENGINE OIL IN THE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION!

check transmission fluid while the engine is hot and while its still running, if its low add more(tranny fluid is measured in pints so be careful how much you put in)

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